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Polishing pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a machine polisher in order to apply liquid compound to a surface. When machine polishing your paintwork, choosing the right car polishing pads is key. The stiffness of a foam polishing pad will have a different effect on the paintwork surface, the heavier the cut, the more abrasive the pad will be. We have a range of pads from coarse to ultra fine as well as wool pads and those specifically made for glass surfaces. 

Foam polishing pads are most commonly used in the detailing industry. They come in many different grades, colours, and sizes to fit every type of machine polisher out there. A coarse or heavy cut pad is able to refine deep to medium scratches in the surface of your paintwork. A medium cut pad will work on medium scratches whilst a fine cut pad will work on fine scratches. A micro-cut or ultra-fine cut pad will work on super fine scratches as well as holograms on the surface. We recommend always starting with a medium or fine pad, you will then know whether a coarser pad is needed.

The Rupes Medium foam detailing polishing head is only for random orbital polishers. The oscillating movement of the BigFoot system is a perfect partner for the porous structure of this head. The abrasive compound is not retained inside the sponge but is continuously applied to the work surface, providing a constant layer of lubricated abrasive between the surface and the foam polishing pad. Recommended for use with Quartz abrasive compound for optimum results on any type of surface.

Flexipads Orange Pro-Detail Medium Heavy Cutting Pad is a hex-logic patterned surface pad, designed to cut surface to retain compound, delivering the most precise, even finish. Featuring a grooved surface with hexagonal cut paths, the pads have been developed using the finest foam and the latest pad construction for exceptional resolution. The pad also features a "V" like construction, which allows the backing pad to sit into the foam, meaning you will never damage the surface with the backing pad. Suitable for use with all machine polishers, it's a longer lasting, more durable polishing pad.