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At Slim's we have the finest selection of detailing merchandise around, whether you're treating yourself or looking for a gift for someone else - we have clothing, mugs, pens, stickers, keyrings, decals, lanyards, plush toys... the lot! We have merch from Microfiber Madness, Wheel Woolies, Carpro, Dodo Juice, Chemical Guys and our very own Slim's range. 

Our merch category is a great place to shop if you need to bump up your basket just that little bit more to qualify for free shipping! We won’t judge – we all do it too. Merchandise is a great way to show off to everyone where you buy the products that keep your car looking so shiny and make it clear where your detailing loyalties lie! 

If you want merch recommendations, our Slim’s mugs are perfect for that on the job coffee break. With a sturdy handle and simple design, these are a top seller. Sit back and relax with a brew after a hard day detailing with the Slim's Detailing Mug. Branded with the Slim's logo. You might even have time to get a brew going while watching the snow foam fall off your motor. 

Our Slim’s Detailing t-shirts are also a huge hit. Drawn in a Lichtenstein style, our Slim's merchandise top will help to show where your car care loyalties lie. This high quality, 100% cotton tee, with branded tags, clearly explains why your car shines so much - with products from Slim's! With a comfortable fit and flexibility, this top is perfect to wear for all occasions (just maybe not your wedding day). From on the job to walking the dog, don't be ashamed to show off your Slim's love! 

Our ‘Wash’, ‘Rinse’, and ‘Wheels’ stickers are also extremely popular. Never get your buckets mixed up again by labelling them for their specific job.  

Detailing in winter can be exceptionally cold. RUPES have created this Winter Beanie Hat so that you can keep warm whilst showing off your brand loyalty. This acrylic made, soft, and stretchy knit cap, with a PVC RUPES logo patch on the front turn-back, is durable, stylish and highly breathable. Perfect to surround you in softness all winter long.