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Having a top quality detailing brush to agitate stubborn dirt is an honest-to-Slim necessity. We stock a range of brushes from exterior wheel brushes to interior brushes for carpet, upholstery, leather, and dash materials! Why not check out our range of brush kits? From exterior to interior, we’ve got the brush combo you’ve been looking for to complete your detailing collection! (Or, well, add to...) 

You can buy the very popular Wheel Woolies from us complete with Slim’s Detailing brand logo. Wheel Woolies wheel brushes have become a favourite amongst car professionals and enthusiasts due to their metal-free design which reduces scratches and brush splatter. Wheel Woolies are renowned for not only providing an unbeatable clean to the visible parts of the wheels such as the rims but the small crevices where brake dust and dirt accumulates. Made from materials such as ultra-soft carpet fibre and natural boar hair these premium brushes take wheel cleaning to the next level. Our Wheel Woolies A and B Kits contain the absolute best for your wheel cleaning needs. 

We also have the complete range of ValetPRO brushes and we’ve put together three of our favourites for an essential maintenance brush kit. The kit includes the Chemical Resistant Wheel Brush, the Dash Brush, and the Large Sash Brush. The Valet Pro Chemical Resistant Wheel Brush is perfect for cleaning the wheels of your vehicle and will not become damaged by any chemicals you may use. The ValetPRO Dash Brush is a pure boar's hair brush and is ideal for dusting and cleaning into difficult-to-get-to areas on a dash around switches, seams, and air vents. The Valet Pro 1 inch wheel and detail brush has the main use of helping to agitate areas of the car while you detail. 

The CARPRO Detailing Brush Set is the perfect set for interior and exterior use, both brushes are resistant to solvents, alkaline, chemicals, acids, and alcohol and are robust enough to hold up even under the toughest conditions and won’t tear or shed fibres. The hogs hair brush is a classic detailers brush for heavy cleaning tasks on exterior trims, badges and soiling. The synthetic soft brushes are designed with a split fibre finish for a scratch free clean on even the most delicate surface like gloss plastics, interior trims, clocks, and screens.