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Our workshop equipment includes all sorts of products to help make your detailing life easier. From kneeling mats to paper towel for cleanup in your work space. 

Take the strain off kneeling, lying or sitting on cold floors when detailing your car. Slim's folding knee mat, is made from extra thick dual density foam with a durable outer layer and a soft inner layer to absorb impact. Stretching out to just under 4ft when laid out, this mat will help to preserve your knees and back against the cold and damp, as well as any spills or dirt picked up from the floor. As easy carry handle is cut into the design, making maneuvering about nice and easy as well as allowing you to hang in the workshop when not in use. 

The Slim's Detailing Promax 4-Way Doser is the perfect addition for any detailer or volume car wash facility looking for the perfect dilution every time with no spills and removing human error. Once set up you will achieve perfect proportioning at the push of a button with the Slim’s Detailing 4 way Doser. Connect a water supply and up to four different products can be dispensed at different mix ratios just by twisting the dial. 

The robust and reliable unit provides precisely-diluted chemical solutions at up to 30 litres (8 gallons) per minute. The system’s dilution accuracy is driven by a range of metering tips – included as standard – that allow users to make the finest adjustments and maximize efficiency for a broad range of chemicals. 

The Power Tec coatings and thickness gauge measures the thickness of the coating applied over steel or aluminium substrate to check for thin or even thick areas of coating. A thin coating would be a red flag to not work or polish an area as the coating may not be enough to work on and remove any layers of paint/lacquer to level out a scratch or deep damaged area. Likewise an area with a deep coating is also a red flag as indicates a repair – for instance an area of filler so again may not be an ideal area to polish due to previous bodywork damage.