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Browse our range of Snow Foams and Snow Foam Lances. Snow Foam is a pre-wash product that can help to break down dirt, allowing it to be easily lifted from the surface for an easy rinse off. This will remove heavier contaminants that have accumulated on your paintwork so that the grit and grime does not get rubbed across the surface causing scratches. Snow foam is a great first step to the car washing process because it eliminates the need for contact with a wash mitt from the get-go.

So how do you apply a snow foam? To apply a snow foam you need to use a snow foam lance. This is a bottle with an attachment that fits onto your pressure washer in order to produce a thick, foamy covering that can be sprayed onto your vehicle. We stock a few lances, from our own brand Slim’s Detailing Snow Foam Lance as well as ones from Chemical Guys. These come with a range of attachments for a wide variety of pressure washers.

The popular Slim's foam lance is ideal for those customers who have domestic and smaller commercial pressure washers. The importance of a vehicle pre-wash cannot be underestimated, snow foam and pre-wash chemicals are now a vital part of a paint conscientious car cleaning process. Slim's foam lance and adaptor is has the ability to apply high foaming chemicals with consistency and ease. The pressure and spray width adaptors included allow the user to amend the foam pattern to their preference with a few adjustments. Comes as a 1 litre or 2 litre bottle.

We sell the Slim’s Detailing Snow Foam Lance as a kit with some of our most popular snow foams. Each kit or lance, when purchased, comes with a free connector of your choice. You can check out our handy image guide in the photos of each product, to help you choose the right pressure washer connector for you.

The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster Foam Gun will enable you to break down stuck-on dirt, grease and grime from exterior parts of your vehicle, whilst ensuring that your car remains scratch free. The TORQ Foam Blaster Foam Gun combines car wash soap with air and water to create a foam which can then be sprayed onto your vehicle’s paintwork, wheels, undercarriages, exhaust systems and even engine bays at the start of every car wash. Leave the soap to dwell for approximately 5 minutes and then simply continue on with a normal 2-bucket car wash method and microfiber wash mitt.