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You can never have too many detailing towels and cloths – trust us on that one! It’s a good idea to store a variety of detailing towels to avoid cross contamination. You don’t want to smear polish residue across the surface of your windscreen or scratch the surface of your paintwork using a towel with crystallised sealant on it. Not to mention the different materials that are available – microfibre, waffle towelling, and hard glass cloths.

Buffing towels are perfect for use with quick detail sprays and for final buffing to remove polish, wax, or sealant residue. The Auto Finesse duo towel gives you the best of both worlds, with a dense short pile, perfect for removing polishes and waxes one side, and a thick plush pile the other. The totally edgeless design makes it ideal for all detailing chores without inflicting unwanted swirls or scratches. The affordable Slim's Detailing edged microfibre cloth makes removing polish and pre wax cleansers effortless due to the short dense pile. Clean and polish with the knowledge that your vehicle's paintwork is safe due to the soft microfibre design which minimises the chances of swirls and marring.

Glass towels are designed for use on glass materials only. The hardness of these cloths will scratch and cause damage to paintwork. The Gtechniq Power Glass cloth is brilliant for cleaning any glass surface. It’s got a strong fish scale weave that removes even the smallest grease and grime from glass for the perfect finish. The Slim's Detailing Glass Cloth  is perfect for the quick removal of dirt or smudges before setting off on a journey to keep the glass in your vehicle looking as fresh and slick as possible. Ensure the spotlessness of your vehicle without needing to worry about leaving marks or scratches behind.

Chemical Guys Happy Ending Edgeless Microfiber Towels are ultra-plush and scratch-free microfibre cloths. These lush Happy Ending Towels remove dust, body oils, and grime from dashboards, wood trim, navigation screens, gauge clusters, seats, leather, and cup holders. Made with premium 70/30 blended microfiber for ultra-soft scratch-free cleaning and wiping, the microfiber material can even clean and dust interior parts without added cleaners or chemicals. They come in a variety of colours so it’s easy to avoid cross contamination.