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You can never have too many detailing towels and cloths – trust us on that one! It’s a good idea to store a variety of detailing towels to avoid cross contamination. You don’t want to smear polish residue across the surface of your windscreen or scratch the surface of your paintwork using a towel with crystallised sealant on it. Not to mention the different materials that are available – microfibre, waffle towelling, and hard glass cloths. 

I know it may seem like we do a towel for everything but that’s only because there is literally a towel for everything. “Why can't you just use a normal microfibre on glass?” you ask. We’ll tell you why. Getting a crystal-clear finish on glass can sometimes be more challenging than necessary. When not used correctly, normal microfibres can cause smearing making your job even harder and labour intensive than you want it to be. 

That’s why brands such as Auto Finesse, Chemical Guys, Gtechniq, and Microfiber Madness have created the waffle weave towel to make glass nice and easy - meaning you get no smears and perfectly clear glass every time. Waffle Weave construction involves splitting the polyester and polyamide fibres that make up microfibre and densely weaving them into a waffle textured towel that is safe to use on delicate surfaces. Our own Slim’s Glass Towel is an extremely affordable, tight weave, no lint cloth specifically designed for using with glass cleaner on glass surfaces. 

Glass towels are designed for use on glass materials only. The hardness of these cloths will scratch and cause damage to paintwork. The Gtechniq Power Glass cloth is brilliant for cleaning any glass surface. It’s got a strong fish scale weave that removes even the smallest grease and grime from glass for the perfect finish. The Slim's Detailing Glass Cloth  is perfect for the quick removal of dirt or smudges before setting off on a journey to keep the glass in your vehicle looking as fresh and slick as possible. Ensure the spotlessness of your vehicle without needing to worry about leaving marks or scratches behind. 

Get better gliding and cleaning abilities on glass by using your very own glass towel – made for the job! Now all you need is a streak free glass cleaner and you’re good to go…