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Snow Foam and Pre-Wash is part of the initial process of detailing, it should be your first step and is not a replacement for a thorough shampoo wash. Pre-wash or pre-cleaner should be applied to the vehicle and allowed to dwell on the surface for several minutes before being rinsed off. Pre-wash is designed to break down dirt and grime, softening it and encapsulating it for easier removal. This allows for a safer wash process by minimising the risk of scratch marks from grit rubbed across the surface.

So what’s the difference between snow foam and pre-wash? Technically, snow foam could fall under the category of a pre-wash as they both set out to do the same thing. However, a snow foam is applied through a snow foam lance and generally creates a thick blanket of foam that clings to the vehicle’s surface.

Usually a pre-wash is applied via trigger sprayer and can be sprayed on targeted areas of heavy contamination, although they can often be used through a lance as well. A pre-wash tends to be a transparent liquid that clings to surfaces and eats into tough contaminants such as road salt, bug splatters, and general road grime. Snow foam and pre-wash can be used in collaboration with each other but you typically only need to use one of the other.

Stjarnagloss Forst Citrus Pre Cleaner is perfect for those times when your car is in need of a deep clean. The Forst Citrus Pre Cleaner helps to remove heavier contamination thanks to the Orange Oil in the formula, which also makes it smell great too! No need to cover the whole car, just the areas that need that extra bit of TLC.

Angelwax Cleanliness is a concentrated orange pre-wash designed to remove bugs, road grime, bird droppings and other contamination from the bodywork of your vehicle. This water-based solution can be used with a foaming lance and pressure washer to blast over your vehicle and lift tougher stains before shampooing. Safe to use on all vehicle surfaces. Angelwax Cleanliness is high foaming, solvent-free, and completely wax and sealant safe.