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Koch-Chemie's ProductSystem | Simplified

Koch-Chemie's ProductSystem | Simplified

When exploring the Koch-Chemie range, you may feel overwhelmed by the colours - especially if you're not sure what the colours are for - aside from looking nice on our shops' (and hopefully your own) shelves!

As Koch-Chemie's Official UK Distributor, Slim's Detailing have put together this guide to help simplify the system down for those starting out, and even those who are experienced detailers but are thinking of moving onto bigger and better things.

Koch-Chemie use 10 colours in order to demonstrate ten separate product "groups", which all line up perfectly into a periodic table layout shown below.

Now your question may be, "what do these colours symbolise?", so, to start off simply:

Koch-Chemie's labels are (in their words): "More than abbreviations and numbers", with a useful explanation of the label itself here.

Take Green Star for example: it is simple, with one colour and a labelled pH value.

A brief explanation of the single-colour coded product GS.


However, this is where it gets slightly more complicated. Take HeavyCut polish below: it has two colours this time, and now there isn't a pH in sight - instead there are two undefined decimal numbers.

A very in-depth visualiser of the dual-colour coded product H902.


To top it off, the PolishSystem have colour coordinated pads to correlate to its accompanying polish, as well as what machine you are advised to use for each process (we have another blog here if you're not sure about the difference) - this system is far easier to understand than the previous systems, so I'll let the very helpful diagram of the polishing guide speak for itself:

Though the labels may seem daunting or difficult to navigate, their components have a significant role: once familiar, it will be easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for from a Koch-Chemie product on our shelves.

Don't forget that we are always more than happy to assist if you're still unsure, and remember: it's all about the details! :)

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