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'A' Fur Effort | FurViking's Tool

'A' Fur Effort | FurViking's Tool

Introducing the FurViking - the ultimate tool for pet hair removal!

This nifty tool is the quickest and easiest method to remove pet hair from difficult surfaces, and can be safely used on the following:

  • car boots & seats
  • carpet & rugs
  • coats & blankets
  • household furniture
  • plus many more! 

The innovative blade system is ruthless on embedded pet hair but gentle on surfaces, allowing the fur to be gathered into a clump and extracted from the surface with no damage. Leaves surfaces pet hair-free in little to no time at all!


Our very own Master Detailer James has tried the tool for himself, and has said:

"The FurViking is probably the best pet hair removal product I've used to date. It just works!"

To use, simply brush in short strokes in one direction to lift hair from the fabric's fibres. For short haired fur (i.e. dalmatians), spraying the surface with water - or an air freshener - can help the hairs be lifted more easily.

Slim's Master Detailer Recommended Product!

By far the most gentle and effective way of removing our fluffy friends' fur from vehicle interiors. Just short angled drags across the carpet all in one direction will pull out the most shortest and annoying pet fur.

This works super quick and is by far the easiest and most effective thing I've used to remove fur and fluff from interiors.

Even used on the stairs at home, the Mrs was sold!!


Designed and manufactured in Finland, you can buy this tool here!

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