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Master Detailer Recommended Products

Master Detailer Recommended Products

Slim's Detailing have our very own in-house Master Detailers, James and Stefan, who are masters (hence the name!) of their craft. They know their stuff and we are in good hands with these two!

Meet Stefan (left) and James (right), our Master Detailers!


To appreciate their experience and knowledge within the detailing world, we have a range of products that these two can't get enough of: categorised under the name of "Master Detailer Recommended Products" - we do get straight to the point!

So, what do our Master Detailers recommend? The answer is simple: only the best of the best! Here are a few examples...

Koch-Chemie FSE Finish Spray Exterior Quick Detailer with Limescale Remover

Bottle of Koch-Chemie FSE - Master Detailer Recommended Product

Our best seller of the Master Detailer range is Koch-Chemie FSE Finish Spray Exterior Quick Detailer with Limescale Remover - and for great reason. James says:

Water spot remover magic! People cleaning the car this time of year are all moaning about the water spots or mineral marks left behind, especially on dark black vehicles. I don't worry about them at all!

I always wash and dry the car as normal, pack my gear away, and leave out a bottle of FSE and a nice microfibre. Then when everything is tidy I take a nice slow walk around. Half a puff of FSE and wipe where I see any marks. Wipes them out first time everytime!

Leaves the car perfect! Works on glass and chrome also. As well as unpainted plastics, plus excellent on gloss black wheels.


However, it is not a best seller for nothing - look at what some of our customers have to say about it:

  • "Excellent detailing spray. Easy to put on and buff off. Leaves the car spotless and ready. Highly recommended."
  • "My first time using this and it's brilliant as a final detailer ... a very light misting and its works just as well as shinee Wax but it's trick is its ability to remove those stubborn water/limescale marks."
  • "Essential post wash detailer to avoid water spotting. Provides a high shine finish."


Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Scrub Wall Attachment

Scrub wall attachment for buckets - Master Detailer Recommended Product

The Dirt Lock Scrub Wall Attachment is a gem to the detailers, particularly for use when including a wash mitt into your detailing process. Our Master Detailers have said:

If you are looking for the best of the best bucket systems, one that ticks all the boxes, we at Slim's have found it!!!

It's not a cheap system but it is definitely one of the best. Two sets of wall attachments, choose from black and white (or go for 2 of each!), attach to a Detail Guardz Dirt Lock and fit inside a Slim's bucket (or Detail Guardz one). This setup will catch any grit and keep it caught! Benefits for me is you don’t have to try to get your hand into the bottom of the bucket and then agitate it. A simple rub along any of the walls and your mitt is as safe as houses for any surface!


Don't believe us? Even one of our customers has endorsed it!

  • "I purchased the Dirtlock scrub wall in conjunction with the Detail guardz bucket & dirtlock set finding that they work together really well, hopefully reducing the possibility of creating swirling"

FurViking Pet Hair Removal Tool

Rubber pet hair removal tool - Master Detailer Recommended Product

A fairly new addition to the collection, the FurViking is an amazing tool for getting rid of those stubborn pet hairs that won't budge with your average lint roller or brush. We were fortunate enough to demo the product ourselves on its release, and I think we couldn't get enough! For James, it was love at first sight - well, first use:

By far the most gentle and effective way of removing our fluffy friends' fur from vehicle interiors. Just short angled drags across the carpet all in one direction will pull out the most shortest and annoying pet fur.

This works super quick and is by far the easiest and most effective thing I've used to remove fur and fluff from interiors.

Even used on the stairs at home, the Mrs was sold!!


Though we have not yet gathered customer reviews on our site, many good things have been said about the FurViking - in fact, our customers who helped us demo this tool have proven themselves to be very keen!

Perhaps if you give it a chance, you could help us prove why we recommend this tool...


We could go on and on about why our Master Detailer Recommended Products are the best of the best, but we think that the customer reviews speak for themselves: don't take our word for it - view the full collection here!

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