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Slim's Master Detailer Recommended Products

  • from £10.54

    Koch-Chemie FSE Finish Spray Exterior Quick Detailer with Limescale Remover

    Koch Chemie

    The Koch-Chemie Finish Spray rapidly cleans the exterior of your vehicle and eliminates the presence of limescale. All of this is achieved without ...

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    from £10.54
  • from £9.84

    CARPRO HydrO2 Lite


    CARPRO HydrO2 Lite is a versatile spray sealant that can also be used as a quick detailer, or after every time you wash. Easy to use in almost any ...

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    from £9.84
  • from £16.00

    CARPRO EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer


    CARPRO EliXir is designed to offer you the quick application of Ech2o with the hydrophobic energy of the industry leader in ceramic nano technology...

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    from £16.00
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    from £6.50

    Detail Guardz "Detail Guardz"

    Detail Guardz

    "Detail Guardz" the hose guide for your car! Stop your hose and cords from getting caught on tyres and speed up your detailing process. No need to ...

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    from £6.50
  • £11.99

    Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Creme (500ml)

    Auto Finesse

    Auto Finesse Satin works in partnership with Satin tyre gel. It's a super slick tyre crème from our friends over at Auto Finesse, it goes on effort...

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  • from £44.99

    CARPRO HydrO2 Spray and Rinse Coating


    Slim's introduces the incredibly easy to use, effective, and revolutionary TRUE WIPE-LESS spray sealant! CARPRO HydrO2 is formulated with Hydrophil...

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    from £44.99
  • from £14.68

    Koch-Chemie Teerwäsche A (Tea) Tar & Glue Remover

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie Teerwäsche A is a solvent-based special cleaner carefully designed for the effortless removal of tar and bitumen. Suitable for all solv...

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    from £14.68
  • £14.95

    Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Scrub Wall Attachment

    Detail Guardz

    The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Scrub Wall Attachment attaches to your Dirt Lock bucket filter to provide 180 degrees of dirt trapping coverage! The Sc...

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  • £10.00

    FurViking Pet Hair Removal Tool


    Introducing the FurViking - the ultimate tool for pet hair removal! The easiest and fastest method to remove pet hair from difficult surfaces. Can ...

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  • £94.80

    Slim's Detailing Tornado Interior Gun with Extraction


    You all LOVE the Slim's Interior Tornado Cleaning Gun (SLIMS151) so we've pimped it up a bit! Introducing the Slim's Detailing Tornado Interior Gun...

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  • £69.60



    The new upgrade version of CQUARTZ, replacing the existing coat after 10 years now. CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC is infused with silica carbide to give extra...

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  • from £288.00

    RUPES DA High Performance LHR12E BigFoot Duetto Polisher And Kits


    PLEASE NOTE: Photos are due to be updated... both kits come with 3 microfibre cloths. The BigFoot Duetto is an all-in-one sanding and polishing sys...

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    from £288.00
  • £96.00

    Koch-Chemie Hand Wax

    Koch Chemie

    Koch-Chemie Hand Wax (175ml pot) comes in a tamper sealed box with a sponge applicator and soft microfibre cloth. This is a premium sealing wax wit...

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  • £191.99

    Coating Farm Alpha Coat Hybrid Ceramic Coating

    Coating Farm

    Coating Farm Alpha Coat Hybrid Ceramic Coating is a professional sealant with incredible chemical resistance, anti-pollution, gloss, sleekness, and...

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