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New Brand Alert - Introducing, Fictech

New Brand Alert - Introducing, Fictech

We are delighted to announce a new product range on to the Slim’s Detailing website, Fictech. It’s fair to say we get approached by a lot of people claiming to have an amazing product range and asking us to sell it to you, our discerning customer, rarely do the claims live up to the reality of testing.

It’s a bold statement but our in-house Master Detailer's have been so impressed by the products in their trials  we can’t get the samples back off them to have a go ourselves. Not only do the products work but they look great, as you would expect from a French company!

Fictech specialise in the research, development and manufacture of products that are designed for maintenance, renovation, and protection of cars, motorbikes and boats. There’s something for everyone here, from shampoos, quick detailer's and APC’s to more specialised windscreen, wheel and paint coatings.

Some of you will have received samples of Fictech in your Birthday boxes, we hope you have started to try the products and welcome your feedback, we have added a comprehensive range of their products to our site, we hope you like what you see.


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