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  • New Brand - Invisible Glass
    January 8, 2020 Verity Moring

    New Brand - Invisible Glass

    Invisible Glass is an American brand known for their top selling automotive glass cleaners and accessories. The brand has a range of high-quality products which provide fantastic results on glass both in the home and your vehicle.
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  • New Brand - Introducing Stjärnagloss!
    November 18, 2019 Verity Moring

    New Brand - Introducing Stjärnagloss!

    Back in 2010, Stjärnagloss was a small brand in the UK sold exclusively by Shinearama. When the shop closed, Stjärnagloss disappeared from the detailing world. Almost 10 years later, it’s back and better than ever!
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  • Vonixx Introductory Offer - 15% Off
    November 4, 2019 Verity Moring

    Vonixx Introductory Offer - 15% Off

    Vonixx is a brand from the state of Ceará, Brazil, the largest producer of carnauba in the world! Carnauba wax is obtained from the leaves of a palm tree known as Copernicia Prunifera. To avoid its own dehydration, this tree naturally produces a wax through its straws.
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  • Angelwax Introductory Offer – 15% off!
    February 25, 2019 Verity Moring

    Angelwax Introductory Offer – 15% off!

    Angelwax are a small group of individuals who have worked together as industrial chemists for over 25 years. They have done extensive research on detailing products in order to develop and design their own range of top-notch chemicals and waxes.
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  • New Brand Alert - Introducing, Fictech
    October 17, 2017 Verity Moring

    New Brand Alert - Introducing, Fictech

    We are delighted to announce a new product range on to the Slim’s Detailing website, Fictech. Fictech specialise in the research, development and manufacture of products that are designed for maintenance, renovation, and protection of cars, motorbikes and boats.
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