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Slim's Detailing Training Academy

Slim's Detailing Academy

We are delighted to say (as far as we know!) we are the only provider of a detailing training course with a recognised qualification in the UK. At our training centre in Coventry we train attendees our 'Master Detailer - Quality Assured Programme' which is recognised & accredited by the IMI, who are the Sector Skills Council for the retail motor industry.


Training Centre Coventry – Opened summer 2019 our Coventry training location is a bespoke detailing training centre in Coventry, Stoney Stanton Road. Attendees will be treated to a fully contained detailing experience with all the latest chemicals, tools and equipment available to use on the courses. The centre has been set up to give the best possible environment for the professional and serious enthusiast detailers. Food will be served on site with a full kitchen in the training centre. Don't worry if you're a beginner, we have all the tools and equipment you require to support you on those first steps into Detailing and with a shop soon to open on site you can look at all the latest product and offers to buy.

Assessment & Qualification

IMI - Institute of Motor Industry logo

To achieve IMI recognition the individual must pass a series of practical assessments and a question & answer written examination.

The Slim's Detailing QAP accreditation pass mark is based on a 75% pass result on the practical assessment and an 80% pass mark on the theory exam. The practical assessment is achieved by the candidate being assessed on a number of criteria covered in the course module over the period of the course, with each criteria having a points rating based on an overall 100 points scoring system. The theory pass mark is established from the results of the course module questionnaire which consists of multiple choice questions also based on a 100 point scoring system. The time allocated for completion of the questionnaire is half an hour.

Consumer will have confidence knowing that the skills and knowledge of the technician have been assessed against the Slim’s Detailing agreed training standard. The standards are regularly reviewed to ensure that the technician is assessed against current Detailing methods, products and technologies.

IMI QAP can be used by the individuals and employers as a recognised development path to allow technicians to further their skills and knowledge in the area which they operate.

Course Outline - Master Detailer Training - Three Days

What is detailing?

Detailing is the process of thorough cleansing and decontamination of a vehicle followed by paint enhancement by machine polishing, making it ready to receive the wax and coatings that will bring the vehicle to show quality. The focus is on quality of finish and attention to the tiny details, producing a better-than-showroom shine that other methods are unable to achieve. 

The candidate will undergo a 3-day detail training process that covers every aspect of detailing, including (but not limited to): correct wash, clean and preparation technique, an understanding of paint, machine polishing, protection, interior detailing and finishing touches.

The candidate will carry out the detail work on the demonstration vehicle with constant demonstration, supervision and appraisal from the trainer. Should the candidate be considering taking up detailing as a profession, discussion of the considerations needed for such a business with respect to costings, best practice and work flow will occur throughout each day of the training.

Although the training is laid out in three modules, the flow during each day will vary as the candidate learns, adapts and gains confidence.

Training Course Day 1- 9.30am

Induction to the Centre 

Module One: Cleaning, Decontamination & Preparatory Work 

This module covers all aspects of cleaning, decontaminating and preparing the vehicle for further work. It includes removal of tar, bird lime, brake dust, grease and other undesirable contaminants. It also includes discussion of product choices (such as the exclusive use of VOC compliant and biodegradable chemicals so as not to damage the vehicle or the environment) and efficiency/best cost practices vital to running a successful detailing business, should the trainee be considering detailing as a profession. The day concludes with interior detailing and the practices and products used.

Costing appraisal

Up-selling based on the condition of the vehicle .i.e. Engine bay, Exterior wash and decontamination. Interior detail, leather treatment, fabric protectant, wax or ceramic style glass sealant. Wheels off decontamination and wax. Machine polish exterior paint. Glass sealant. Realistic time-frame assessment based on the options chosen and condition of the vehicle.

Washing (Using the latest wash ranges)

·         Pre-wash (Snow foam). 

·         Manual "two-bucket" method with safe wash mitt. 

·         Claying. 

·         Tar removal. 

·         Iron & fall out removers.

·         Cleaning door-shuts.

·         Safe Car Drying with towels.

11am Morning break

·         Engine bay detailing: Ensuring electronics & engine safety. Right type of products to use, process, application & finishing.

·         Wheels-off detailing: Safely jacking vehicle & wheel removal & protection. Application of fall out remover, use of brushes. Glue & tar removal & re-applying of the wheel.

1pm Lunch

Interior (Using cleaners & sealants)

·         Interior, plastics & rubber

·         Fabric cleaning and sealant protection

·         Leather cleaning and sealant protection.

Day one course summary - Finish 4pm.


Training Course Day 2 - 9.00am

Module Two: Understanding of Paint, Correction, Enhancement and Rotary/Dual-Action Machine Polishing

To get that better-than-showroom shine any car on the road will benefit from paint correction, be it a light enhancement or full-on correction. This module covers the process from start to finish, from understanding how paints and lacquers are applied and assessing and recognising different paint types right through to machine polishing itself, and how it can remove light scratches, swirls, bird dropping etching and tree sap marks amongst other imperfections to reveal the true lustre of the paint. Depending on the colour of the paint and density of clear coat the candidate will be shown the correct machine, pad and polish combination together with the correct techniques needed to enhance any car. The candidate will gain vital hands-on experience of both rotary and dual-action machines, and the benefits and limitations of both. 

Paint correction

The car is now clean and decontaminated, inspect the car for any re-spray work, accident damage, smart repairs, dents, major scratches, incorrect panel gaps or anything that would suggest that the car has had aftermarket repair work to the exterior painted surfaces. Use of 3M automotive masking tape to cover all external exposed plastics and rubbers. Using a paint depth gauge take 2-4 readings per panel to help assess the paint depth and to confirm your visual inspection of any repair work. Use a Scangrip colour identification torch to reveal the swirl marks on the paint work.

Using machine Polishers with the correct cutting pad & compounds to correct the vehicle, panel by panel. Inspection of work to verify if desired level of paint enhancement has been achieved. If not, repeat the process.

Moving on to application of swirl removal compound with correct polishing pad to vehicle, finishing with inspection of the paint work with a torch to confirm that the swirls are removed.

11am Morning break

Rotary Polisher Tuition - (Using Rotary Polisher with Compound and Polish Range)

·         Paintwork inspection. 

·         Paint enhancement. 

·         Polish application. 

·         Swirl and surface scratch removal.

1pm Lunch break

·         Wet sanding & orange peel removal - covering 2000, 2500 & 3000 grit papers for scratch removal. 

·         Referral back to paint correction process to bring paint back to a shine.

Day two summary  - Finish 4pm.


Training Course Day 3:  9.00am 

Final module: Finishing touches - (Using Coatings & Waxes)

Removal of masking tape. Application of panel wipe to remove any remaining residue and dust.

Paint sealant application techniques, problem rectification & buffing.

Wax application techniques & buffing.

Tyre Dressing.

Glass Cleaning. 

11am: Morning break 

Course Summary.

30 minute question & answer theory exam.

1pm: Lunch break 

Candidate summary and course completion.


Slim's Detailing Student Attendee Pack*

 All attendees of the Slim's Detailing academy will receive a gift box of products and Slim's Merch when attending the course. This pack will be subject to change but will include:

 Slim's Detailing Training Pack

  • Slim's Detailing Academy t-shirt (available S-XXL) - Limited Edition to course attendees only.
  • Slim's Detailing Kit Bag
  • Set of three vehicle quality Qualified Master Detailer vinyl graphics. 1 x A5 and 3 x A6.
  • Slim's Dual Action Trigger Spray
  • Slim's Mug and assorted giveaways, subject to availability.
  • Slim's Three Bucket Method sticker pack.
  • Five chemical products from our suppliers, this will vary from kit to kit and will include a product from Chemical Guys, Fictech, Koch Chemie, Malco and a bonus product from one of our another suppliers.

 *The kit pictured is subject to change and will vary from the one shown, Slim's retains the right to change contents at all times but the value of the product will remain the same to all attendees of the Master Detailer course. No product given as part of this kit can be exchanged or returned, only the t-shirt size can be specified when receiving the kit.


Coventry - Location & Accommodation 

Slim's Detailing

414 Stoney Stanton Road

Coventry CV6 5DG

 Travel by Car - Centrally located near Coventry. We're not far off Jct 3 of the M6 towards Coventry just past the Ricoh Arena, giving visitor's easy access coming from the North & South of the country.

Airport - 30 minute drive from Birmingham airport.

Train – The training school is between stops in Coventry and Coventry Arena, just a short cab journey from either location.

Accommodation, Food & Drink – We have a few local hotels within close proximity of our training centre. Please use a hotel comparison website to find the right deal for you. Lunch and drinks will be provided throughout the duration of your course.

Support - Ongoing support is available by contacting our technical and training teams via telephone 0333 222 9944 or e-mail Contact information will be provided so you can contact your trainer after the course if you need their support.


The Slim’s Detailing Academy has been educating students of detailing since March 2015.

QAP assessment is £350.00+VAT per day - over a three-day course.

An additional cost of £58 is charged for the registration and IMI QAP Certificate which is sent on completion of the course.

Want to make a booking?

Get in touch with our team on 0333 222 9944, or drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you and getting you enrolled and accredited as a Slim's Master Detailer!

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