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Assessment and Qualifications

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To achieve IMI recognition the individual must pass a series of practical assessments and a question & answer written examination.

The Slim's Detailing QAP accreditation pass mark is based on a 75% pass result on the practical assessment and an 80% pass mark on the theory exam. The practical assessment is achieved by the candidate being assessed on a number of criteria covered in the course module over the period of the course, with each criteria having a points rating based on an overall 100 points scoring system. The theory pass mark is established from the results of the course module questionnaire which consists of multiple choice questions also based on a 100 point scoring system. The time allocated for completion of the questionnaire is half an hour.

Consumer will have confidence knowing that the skills and knowledge of the technician have been assessed against the Slim’s Detailing agreed training standard. The standards are regularly reviewed to ensure that the technician is assessed against current Detailing methods, products and technologies.

IMI QAP can be used by the individuals and employers as a recognised development path to allow technicians to further their skills and knowledge in the area which they operate.


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