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What's the Difference Between Polishing & Buffing?

A lot of the terminology used in detailing tends to have been adopted by us from our American cousins. Even the word "detailing" is an Americanism we have adopted as, let’s be honest, "washing my car" just doesn’t do it justice. Polishing and buffing have two different meaning but do you really know the difference?

DA or Rotary - All Things Polisher

What polisher should I buy? What is the difference between DA and rotary? These are two very common questions we get asked! This blog is our attempt at a simple-to-understand explanation on the options available with tips and recommendations to try and steer you into buying the right machine for you.

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Our Happy Customers

"Used RUPES yellow pad and Uno Advanced Stand Alone on Guards Red 2006 Porsche with light swirls. After curing 24 hrs, totally poppingly awesome."

Chris  - A MONTH AGO

"I am very pleased with the polisher. Ideal! Just what I was looking for, and not too big. Gives you plenty of freedom without the need for a cable, and is very powerful as well."

William  - A YEAR AGO

"These machines seem expensive but after using it for the first time, I can honestly say they are well worth the extra outlay. Far less vibration making the machine so much easier to use over long periods, combine this with the excellent results and top build quality, it's a winner in my book!"