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Slim's June 'Summer' Sale - 10% Off

Slim's June 'Summer' Sale - 10% Off

We're very hesitant to say Summer has arrived but the weather is looking up! This week we have a little treat for all our customers who may have had jobs rained off this month. Enjoy our June 10% off discount that spans over payday weekend! Make sure to stock up on your detailing goodies and make the most of the warm summer weather.

But hurry! Just like British summer, this offer doesn't last long. This promo period runs from Tuesday 25th at 3pm until Sunday 30th at 11:59pm. Exclusions apply, read full T&Cs at the end of this blog. Simply enter code 'JUNE19' at checkout to redeem your discount.

Here's some of our summer favourites:

Koch Chemie Insect and Dirt Remover

Summer brings out the bugs! Koch Chemie 'Insektenentferner' Insect and Dirt Remover is a mild-alkaline specialised cleaner for the safe removal of dead insects from your paintwork. This insect remover leaves no residue and is also designed to remove pollen and other organic debris before you wash your vehicle. The special active ingredients permeate into dirt, therefore softening it and allowing it to be removed gently yet completely.

Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam Snow Foam

Auto-Foam is a new generation, premium quality, foaming water-based pre-wash treatment, designed to soak and saturate soiled vehicle paintwork prior to the application of shampoo. Seasoned snow foam users, love Bilt Hamber's Auto-Foam due to its exceptional panel dwell, which lasts typically for 5 minutes. Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam is made with biodegradable compounds and is extraordinarily tough on soil and grime, yet harmless to paint. The hard working surfactants in the forumla will attack and penetrate the hardest of road dirt and grime, without the need for manual intervention.

Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass Cleaner

As it says nicely in the name, this might be the perfect glass cleaner! When Gtechniq formulated G6 Perfect Glass the focus was very much on function and function only. Any ingredient that could cause smearing, such as fragrance or cheap recovered solvents, was thrown out to produce a glass cleaner that cleans effectively with zero smears. Featuring an anti static effect, G6 Perfect Glass will also create a positive charge on your glass thereby helping to repel dust. Ideal for use on windows, wing mirrors, interior glass surfaces etc.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Chemicals Guys new Butter Wet Wax formula is so easy to use it goes onto paintwork like butter (hey, we see what they did there), waxing your car is now a 5 minute job. Containing 100% carnauba-based wax it will create a deep wet look to any paintwork. It can also be applied to wet paintwork, directly after a wash. Bonus! It's perfect for all types of paint work including metallic, solid colour, ceramic and clear coated. This easy to use wax can be applied in direct sunlight (therefore perfect for summer days) by hand or with a machine. Its high level of UVA & UVB protection protects paintwork against fading and oxidation.

CarPro PERL Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat

CarPro PERL (Plastic, Engine, Rubber and Leather coat - hence PERL) is a concentrated, versatile, water-based protective coating that offers outstanding UV protection. It can be used to restore the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces while keeping that fresh new look with strong UV and hydrophobic protection. The sun (when we get it) can be damaging on flexible materials, like rubber, plastic, and leather. Gradually over the course of time they fade and can become brittle and cracked. CarPro PERL changes the rules! Providing excellent protection it can work for up to 3 months on exterior surfaces.

Angelwax Eden Air Freshener

Angelwax Eden is an extremely fragrant air freshener designed to eliminate unwanted bad smells and leave your vehicle smelling fresh. Infused with fruity tones you can get whiffs of watermelon and papaya to invigorate your senses making it the perfect summer scent! Eden has a unique aroma that works on carpets and interior fabrics to leave them smelling heavenly! Odour eliminators work to transform your vehicle into a paradise reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. As a result, you have a fresh, summer ready car.

Chemical Guys Three-Way Premium Wash Mitt


The Chemical Guys Three-Way Car Wash Mitt is a uniquely designed wash mitt combining three distinct car washing tools into one handy detailing tool. The plush microfibre chenille noodles are for gently massaging dirt and grime from the vehicle's surface. The short-pile microfibre weave on the other side will gently rub heavy filth from paintwork, metal, glass, and durable plastic surfaces. Finally, bug splatters and poop droppings can be gently scrubbed away with the soft bug scrubbing mesh. The soft microfibre mitt uses a waterproof barrier to keep sensitive skin clear of slippery car wash water, while a tight elastic cuff keeps the mitt on the hand with a snug-fitting grip. The wash mitt is also machine washable to ensure the mitt is like new every time it's used.

  • Offer valid until 23:59 30.06.19
  • Excluding 3m, kit combos, equipment, polishers and already discounted products. Subject to availability.
  • Discount code: JUNE19 must be entered at checkout.
  • No other discount code or Trade Account discount can be used at the same time.
  • You'll still earn and be able to spend your Slim's Reward Points!
  • Delivery Exclusions apply - we cannot guarantee next day delivery during promotional periods.
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