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Slim's Polisher Sale - RUPES and FLEX

Slim's Polisher Sale - RUPES and FLEX

This week, and this week only, we've got some exciting polisher offers for you! You can get your hands on some of your favourite polishers at a discounted price for a limited time only! This offer runs until Sunday 8th September so make sure you get in there early. There's no need for a discount code, the polishers have been reduced online to make browsing easier for you. Now hurry! Once they're gone, they're gone!

Check out some of our top sellers that are reduced this week:

Rupes Big Foot LHR15 Mark III Polisher and Kits

LHR15 Mark III has been built to handle any detailing situation, including curved surfaces and hard to reach areas. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it allows for precise paint correction with ultimate comfort. Compared to the LHR21 Mark III, the LHR15 operates at a higher RPM, meaning the increased speed produces equivalent correction, more conductive to curved surfaces.

The Mark III offers exceptional comfort thanks to the rubberised front grip and rear handle, providing a non-slip surface for control. The new electronic speed control dial allows for easy adjustment without moving your hand and the larger dial can be easily adjusted with a move of your thumb.







Flex Positive Drive Orbital Polisher XC3401VRG is revolutionary DA (Dual Action) polisher which removes swirls and scratches effortlessly. Featuring VR microprocessor control with tachogenerator constant speed control, soft start, continuous speed control trigger, restart protection after power failure, overload protection, temperature monitoring and speed selection. Dual action for safer operation, meaning overheating or burning the paint finish is significantly reduced in comparison to rotary machine. Dual action movement also helps to ensure holograms do not form during the paint correction process.

A compact and light weight multi-action hand held machine polisher, the BigFoot iBrid Nano is quite simply the perfect tool for getting into even the smallest and most difficult to reach areas. For example. it's ideal for spoilers, wheels, mirrors, air intakes, door handles & other tight areas. It achieves all of this without the constraints of trailing cables.

The Rupes BigFoot iBrid Nano also allows you to effortlessly switch between a standard corded polisher and cordless operation, powered by robust, quick-charging lithium-ion batteries. Each battery provides thirty minutes of power and yet recharges in just twenty minutes - so you never run out of power!

Here is the full list of the polishers on offer with the prices (EXC. VAT):


  • LHR15111/STD £260
  • LHR15111/STN £290
  • LHR15111/DLX £350
  • LHR21111/STD £290
  • LHR21111/STN £300
  • LHR21111/DLX £370
  • LHR75E/STF £220
  • LHR75E/DLX £260
  • HR81ML/DLX £400
  • HR81M/DLX £380
  • LHR19E/DLX £300


  • F322008 £280
  • F376183 £280
  • F420662 £160
  • F459062 £437


  • Offers valid until 23:59 on 08.09.19
  • Additional discount codes can not be used on Polishers, Kits, and Clearance products
  • You'll still earn and be able to spend your Slim's Reward Points!
  • We cannot guarantee next day delivery during promotion periods.



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