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"What Floats Your Boat?"

Marine Madness | Detailing For Boats!

Did you know that Slim's Detailing also caters for our beloved boaters with marine care products? Well, you do now! 

Detailing isn't just for cars and motorbikes, it's also for boats - how else are those yachts supposed to look so good on the water!? Fortunately for our marine-mad customers, we sell a variety of marine products to keep your boat looking as good as your car does, if not more so. 

Natural waters, especially salt water, can have a negative effect on your boat: you can expect to notice some water spots, swirl marks and other fine imperfections on the paintwork after a nice cruise or two. Our founder's motto in business has always been "It's all about the details", so it makes perfect sense for us to look out for our proud boat owners too.

In fact, the well-known likes of 3M, Gtechniq and RUPES have all branched out into the territory of catering to the boat scene, providing products intended for the care and protection of marine vessels. Here are some examples!


Gtechniq UV Marine Wash
Gtechniq's UV Marine Boat Wash & Cleaner breaks the bond between dirt film and the boat's paintwork, working to lift dirt particles while dually minimising surface abrasion and maximising gloss retention. Liquid hydroxyphenyl-triazine UV absorber and aquatic-safe surfactants make this formula 100% biodegradable, and ensure the brand's marine coatings and cleaning products work in harmony to give the user optimum results.

RUPES LHR21 Mark III Bigfoot Polisher - MAR Kit
RUPES's LHR21 Mk III is the perfect polisher for working on larger surface areas while simultaneously achieving maximum operator comfort. The Marine polisher kit contains the following:
  • 1x RUPES LHR21 Mark III BigFoot Polisher
  • 2x RUPES Blue Coarse Wool 150mm Polishing Pad
  • 2x RUPES Blue DA System Microfibre Cloth
  • 2x RUPES XC-1 Marine 1L Coarse Compound
  • 1x RUPES G-Wax Marine 500ml Spray Wax
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot Mark III Marine Bag


3M's Perfect-It Boat Wax is the final step to achieve a truly professional high-shine marine finish. Exceptional gloss is achieved thanks to the blend of pure Brazilian carnauba wax, silicones, polymers and resins within this formula. As it is a liquid wax, it is easy to apply by nature and can be used even on warm surfaces; suitable for use on gelcoat, paint, fibreglass, and metal. Upon application, it forms a tough outer shell which works to protect the boat surface against weathering. It is a best seller from our available marine range, so we know that this knocks it out of the water (pun intended) for our customers! 
However, this isn't the limit to our marine range: in fact, Gtechniq have gone all out and created a full marine range with washes, coatings, polish and accessories for you to have everything you need for a full process.
Don't just take our word for it, why not try it out and tell us about it? :)
You can find the full Marine Clean, Polish & Protect collection here!
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