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About the Bentley | An Update!

About the Bentley | An Update!

Following on from the previous Bentley blog, there have been many changes: firstly, the panels were removed to be restored and resprayed, leaving nothing but the chassis! Flatting and polishing came afterwards - this refers to finishing the paintwork to the required standard and removing any imperfections. You can catch up on all the technicals on the Morelli website.

Upon completion, we took it out for a quick spin! A nice loop was made, with our training centre Eyebox being based near to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry; this went very smoothly and, without incident, the Bentley is returned to the training centre to be detailed inside by James, our Master Detailer.

With a quick glance at the photos, it is clear to see just how dirty and dusty the Bentley's interior was, meaning a detail was long overdue.

Firstly, the leather is cleaned using Koch Chemie Pol Star - this is sprayed and left to work on the seats and door cards before being wiped away with a soft microfibre cloth, and with the assistance of a Koch Chemie Leather Brush for those stubborn stains and tight grooves in the trim. On the most stubborn of stains, a Dirt Eraser Sponge was used.

Once James was happy the dirt was removed, he applied Koch Chemie Leather Star onto the seats for a much needed conditioning and protection - leather is like our skin in that it needs to be moisturised from time to time, to prevent damage to the surface such as peeling and cracking.

Following a quick vacuum, the glass is cleaned up with Koch Chemie Speed Glass using a Slim’s Glass cloth - this duo is the key to a perfect glass finish, because the cloth will not smear the cleaner and, therefore, leave no streaks. Result! In this process, we discovered the electric front windows, which are pretty special on a 1951 car... Slim had the right idea.

Because the technicians over at our sister company Morelli did such a great job on polishing the bodywork, our detailers just had to take it up another level: a layer of CARPRO Reload 2.0 Silica Spray Sealant is added to the bodywork, leaving a quick shine and a layer of protective coating too in its wake.

Following the detail, the Bentley was then ready to be used for the wedding of Slim's grandson in Liverpool - the first event it has been to since the restoration process. It can be seen on the wedding day outside the church with a ribbon attached to the front. 

The newly restored Bentley was an absolute star on the day, and will be good to go at many more events in the future (keep your eyes peeled? 👀) thanks to everybody involved in the restoration. A true credit to Wyndon Motors and the Morelli Technicians for their hard work, as it has definitely paid off!

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