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How to Clean Polishing Pads

How to Clean Polishing Pads

To keep your pads in tip-top shape they need to be cleaned properly, remember your next detail is only as good the condition of your pads. Try and clean your pads as soon as possible after use, the more the product dries into the pad the harder it will be to wash out. What do I need to clean my pads?
  • Cleaning product
  • Brush
  • Running water
We recommend a ready to use product like the Chemical Guys Pad Cleaner, this has already been diluted to the correct strength. You can also use pretty much any All-Purpose Cleaner (APC), just make sure you check the mixing ratio first! A good one to go for is CarPro MultiX Multipurpose Cleaner (dilution 1:20).
Master Detailers Tip! Microfibre Wash is a great alternative to using pad cleaner or an APC. Try mixing it 1:6 in a spray bottle and spray liberally over the pad.
As for the brush, it comes down to personal preference, how big or small or the type of grip you feel comfortable with, but our Slim’s Pad Conditioning Brush is a good bet. It’s got an ergonomic handle, making it easy to use. How do I clean my pads?
  1. Remove the pad from the polisher
  2. Spray product directly on to polishing pad.
  3. Scrub pad with a stiff pad-cleaning brush. Sweeping the brush from the inside of the pad outwards.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm running water.
  5. Wring out pads and allow to air dry
We always recommend removing your pad from the polisher before spraying anything more than a very light spray of liquid, but if you’ve got an excess of product to removed, keep the pad on the polisher, turn it on and use a dry brush to remove the build-up before you start a more intensive clean. This is the same method whether you have a foam, wool or microfiber pad. What about a Pad Conditioner? Pad conditioners are great for prolonging the quality and durability of your pad, but this is used during the polishing process itself. Don’t spray it on your freshly washed pad and let it dry! What about a Bucket Pad Washer? Yep, we’ve seen the YouTube videos as well and although we know it’s tempting to use a bucket washer or make your own, we do not recommend this method. We’ve had many customers contact us after water has accidentally splashed back into the machine into the bearings, causing the mechanism to fail. Unfortunately, this invalidates your warranty and we can’t get it fixed for you. So, take the extra time to clean your pads manually and keep your machine nice and dry.   Need any more help or want to share your own tips? Feel free to drop us a comment below or email us at
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