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Car Care for Matt Paints

Car Care for Matt Paints

A vehicle with a matt (or matte) finish immediately catches the eye and always looks special. But to maintain this special look, the right care is also required. Because with matt vehicle surfaces there are some differences to the conventional cleaning of a glossy paint. 

It all depends on the methods...

Matt paints or foils can lose their matt look if the wrong chemicals are used. Either unsightly shiny spots then develop or the entire vehicle surface appears glossy. Likewise, one of the greatest dangers for matt vehicle parts: Stains that occur during drying, as these are difficult to remove again. Polishing is generally not an option for matt paints, as the polishing process completely destroys the matt surface. 

"Do"s and "Don't"s of car washing

Pre-wash and insect removal: If insects need to be removed first, use an insect remover that is as mild as possible, such as Koch-Chemie's Insect&Dirt Remover. Due to its pH value of 10, this is very well suited for cleaning matt paint surfaces. Just as with Insect and Dirt Remover, care should be taken when choosing a pre-cleaner to ensure that it is as mild as possible. However, a slightly alkaline setting is important for a pre-cleaner, as this is the only way to effectively dissolve the dirt. This makes a cleaner such as Koch-Chemie's CopoStar BMP T particularly suitable, as it is well suited for matt paints. For cleaning matt paints, it is advisable to choose a thinner with the lowest possible chemical content. This achieves a good combination of cleaning performance and paint protection.

Stain removal: Sticky stains such as tree resin are particularly stubborn. Here, our adhesive remover Eulex M is particularly suitable for removing tree resin adhesions, tar stains or similar soiling. Eulex M is specially formulated for matt paints. For the removal of lime stains, our Finish Spray exterior is also the right choice for matt paints. In addition, the treated surface is protected against rapid resoiling.

Shampoo: The same applies to shampoo: mild! With the Gentle Snow Foam from Koch-Chemie, the name says it all. Thanks to its neutral pH value of 7.5, the cleaning foam is very well suited for cleaning a vehicle with matt paint. If you prefer to apply a sealing component while washing, NanoMagicShampoo with its approval for matt paintwork is the perfect alternative. Thanks to its innovative combination of cleaning and sealing components, NanoMagicShampoo forms a long-lasting dirt- and water-repellent nanolayer. This protects the treated surfaces from aggressive environmental influences. With the shampoo, as with the other steps, be sure to use plenty of water and rinse as often as possible to prevent the washing chemicals used from drying on the surface.

Dryer and preservation: Drying with ProtectorWax is also possible with matt paints. The paint surface receives a long-lasting, hydrophobic protective layer. The water beads quickly from the surface, so that the vehicle can be dried very easily with the Drying Towel.

Vehicle sealing: Possible but...

A sealant that does not bond with the paint surface is generally a good choice for matt paints. Our range includes Hand Wax W0.01 and Spray Sealant S0.02 for this purpose. We do not recommend sealants that bond with the paint surface over the long term, such as ceramic or nano sealants, for matt paints. If streaks or stains appear when applying these sealants, it is not possible to "simply" polish away these stains and reseal.

Sealers also affect the matt look of the surface. You should be aware of this before application. We have applied the different long-lasting sealants from our range to matt hoods for you. It is clear that each sealant deepens the color and, in this way, makes the surface appear glossier.

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