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Buying for a Detailer? | Detailing Gift Guide

Buying for a Detailer? | Detailing Gift Guide

The holiday season is now upon us, where gift giving is the biggest part and is often the one where the most effort is put in! It's a little bit more complicated when it comes to us detailers: we all have our favourite products and processes...

You've come to the right place! Slim's are more than happy to help with your gift giving needs, for the detailer(s) in your life - or even for yourself, we won't tell ;)

We have compiled a list of our best sellers from a variety of brands, letting our detailing customers speak for the products themselves: they like what they like!

Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam Snow Foam (5 Litre)

Auto-Foam is our top seller online, with a heap of 5-star reviews! Ideal for detailers who are mad about snow foam - a (super satisfying) step in the wash process, used to remove bits of dirt without scratching the paint. Great value, dilutable, and plenty to last until this time next year. Solid choice!

CARPRO Perl Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat

Perl is a versatile protective coating, ideal for protecting the following against UV damage: Plastic, Engine, Rubber, Leather - spelling out Perl! This is ideal for almost every detailer, keeping the above surfaces protected from the sun (when it does actually come out of hiding...) and looking like new.

Koch-Chemie FSE Finish Spray Exterior Quick Detailer with Limescale Remover

Finish Spray Exterior is not only a customer favourite... it's also a Slim's Master Detailer favourite! James himself uses it on his black work van to get rid of water marks after his full detail, and says it is "Water spot remover magic!" - the reviews also happily back this statement, speaking for itself.

Malco Epic CR2 Hydro Protect Ceramic Spray

A recent addition to our online Malco collection, this ceramic spray does not disappoint! Not only does it beautify, but it also protects the vehicle with the bonus of a glossy finish - can be used in conjunction with a ceramic coating, or as a stand-alone ceramic spray. Have a look at CR2 in action here...

Slim's Girl "It Was The Use Of The Sponge That Finally Broke Her Heart" Hanging Air Freshener

Shameless self-plug? Oh yes. Our Slim's Girl appears inconsolable at the sight of a sponge being used on her beloved vintage Volkswagen Beetle - that's no way to treat a classic! In six delicious scents to choose from, or even a multipack of 12 (perfect for sampling), it's something to remember us by.

Gtechniq Wheel Cleaning & Sealing Kit

You can't go wrong with a decent kit for Christmas... we actually put this one together ourselves. Gtechniq is a brand that never ceases to amaze us, so putting this kit together has meant our customers have all the benefits of using these quality products in one neat collection... at a decent price too!

Slim's Detailing Handy Seat with 3-Drawer Storage

A new addition to our equipment, this seat is a perfect colour match to our popular Slim's grey bucket! Complete with a soft padded cushion, three storage drawers, and sturdy castors, this piece of equipment will come in handy for any detailer (or mechanic!) in the garage!

Detail Guardz Dirtlock Scrub and Pump Attachment

Detail Guardz are a company full of bright ideas... this attachment being one of them! It works to scrub and pump (does what it says on the tin!) away the dirt found on wash mitts, brushes, hand applicator pads, and other assets in a detailer's wash kit... did we mention it's on offer? Find the Detail Guardz collection here!

Poorboy's Bird Sh#t Remover

Yes, you read that right! Not only is it good for a cheeky gag gift, but also a good way to remove Bird Sh#t - or bird lime, to be put politely - from the vehicle. When used with a gentle hand, BSR is a great way to remove those pesky droppings from your car left behind from your local (and hopefully) winged population.

ValetPro Brushes Kit

We reckon this might be the motherlode of brush kits... this set of 3 brushes allows for a thorough clean of your vehicle's delicate components. Nothing more can be said that our loyal customers haven't said already... the 5 star reviews it boasts will always outdo any sort of encouraging words we speak of it!

Slim's Gift Voucher

We have shown up thrice, BUT this is a good'un... promise. This gift voucher is the catchall - even the fussiest of detailers can't resist this gift! Give your loved one a huge choice and be sure to keep them and their car happy: eligible to use online only, they'll be like a kid in a candy shop from the comfort of their own home!


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