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Instafinish Carnauba Luxury Paste Wax

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Fresh in from the States, this luxury paste wax gives automotive paintwork a powerful deep wet gloss finish. Instafinish Carnauba Paste Wax is lovely and easy to apply and even nicer to buff off once it has cured.

Made from 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax, this hard paste wax leaves any finish with an exceptionally long lasting, lustrous, clear shine. Expect three months of protection on your paintwork once applying Intafinish Carnauba Paste wax, with exceptional hydrophobic qualities giving your paintwork fantastic beading when wet.

This product is a favourite among professionals in the industry as well as automotive connoisseurs who insist on the finest quality. For pre-cleaned surfaces only. Apply by hand with a microfibre applicator, and remove after 10 minutes with a super soft buffing towel.