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Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer

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Detailing Outlaws is a new brand from the creators of Microfiber Madness. The brand targets the detailing market and has its main focus on creating innovative detailing tools for enthusiasts and professionals. There are currently no plans to create any chemicals, so the main products will be hardware tools in any possible direction.

The first product released from this brand range is the innovative “Buckanizer”. A portmanteau of “bucket” and “organizer”, the Buckanizer is designed to hold your detailing tools whilst you work. It's as simple as that! Created to solve the problem of shortage of space whilst detailing. Everyone's been in the situation where they're using multiple wash mitts, towels, cloths, brushes, pads etc. and you just don't have a place to store each one in turn. The Buckanizer is here to help! Stop wash mitts hung over the edges of buckets from falling off and becoming contaminated from the ground by putting them in the storage device. Designed with drainage holes to prevent water buildup.

As you can see in the design picture, the Buckanizer attaches directly to your bucket, fitting perfectly to almost any of the typical 3.5 / 5 gal buckets. With a volume of ~ 3,7L / 1 gal, you extend your wash bucket massively for storage of any possible product like chemicals, wheel brushes, wash mitts, towels, or even drinking bottles! The Buckanizer fits when using a Gamma Seal lid - the special construction makes it possible to attach it safe and tight with or without Gamma Seal Lid installed.

Available in 4 colours; red, blue, black, and neon orange.

Detailing Outlaws have provided a Q&A about the Buckanizer which you can read below if you wish to find out more.

  • Q: What is this Buckanizer for?
  • A: It extends your workspace during car-wash and wheel-cleaning for extra storage room.
  • Q: Does the Buckanizer fit to any bucket?
  • A: It fits perfectly to typical Gallon buckets (3.5 / 5 GAL) mostly found in car detailing.
  • Q: Can I attach several Buckanizer to one bucket?
  • A: Yes, up to 4 Buckanizer could be attached to one bucket.
  • Q: Can I put the Buckanizer inside my bucket for storage?
  • A: Buckanizer is designed to fit inside the 3.5 and 5 GAL bucket.
  • Q: I use a Grit Guard insert with Washboard, does the Buckanizer still fit inside?
  • A: YES! Buckanizer fits perfectly inside with both the Grit Guard + Washboard in place.
  • Q: I bet I can’t use my Gamma Seal lid anymore if the Buckanizer is inside my bucket?
  • A: If you have a 5 GAL bucket, you can put all items (Grit Guard, Washboard + Buckanizer) inside and you are still able to close the Gamma Seal lid. Doesn’t work with 3.5 GAL buckets!
  • Q: Will the Buckanizer fill up with water if I put water-dripping stuff inside?
  • A: No, we added 2 drainage holes in the bottom, so this won’t happen.
  • Q: Where is Buckanizer produced?
  • A: We produce this product from scratch here in Germany. Whole invention, development, tooling and final production is done in our country.
  • Q: What kind of plastic is this?
  • A: It’s made of PP – Poly Propylene with UV blockers to prevent the color from fading.
  • Q: Which colors are available?
  • A: At the release of Buckanizer, we are offering the product in RED, BLUE and BLACK color.
  • Q: Is there any protection to prevent ripoffs / copycats?
  • A: Yes, we applied several patents and for sure, product names and brand names are protected as well.