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Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Kit

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We've put together some of the greatest products from our friends overseas at Chemical Guys. Everything you need for that quick detail, Mr Pink is a personal favourite here at Slim's, working alongside Honeydew then finished with a spot of Vintage Speed Wipe, you just can't go wrong! We've even thrown in the notorious wooly mammoth...


Mr Pink is a strong superior cleaning shampoo that delivers remarkably amazing cleaning results through a consistent release of foaming bubbles and with a glorious scent! Mr.Pink is uniquely formulated with advanced foaming technology that works by suspending super polymers within each bubble allowing grime and built up dirt to be easily and effortlessly rinsed away. The unique lubricity of the product loosens abrasive residue and allows it to be rinsed away without scratching the surface. The advanced foaming technology within the all purpose foaming shampoo, Mr.Pink works specifically to remove grime, build up, and dirt through the use of premium super polymers that are suspended within the confines of a consistent discharge of foaming bubbles.


Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow-Foam Car Foamer is a pH balanced luxury auto wash that loosens dirt and grime enabling it to be gently lifted off the surface. Engineered to create millions of tiny close-grouping cleaning bubbles. It can be used as a traditional soap and diluted in a bucket or used with a Foam Gun, Foam Lance, or Foam Washer to maximize coverage to deliver a thick rich blanket of surface clinging snow foam. Honeydew Snow-Foam is tough on dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants yet gentle on all paint as well as all waxed and sealed surfaces. The pH-neutral formula lifts dirt and grime away from paint where it can be safely rinsed away.

The Honeydew extract formulation not only cleans surfaces delivering a bright spot-free shine it produces a fresh natural honeydew smell thats utterly delicious (but not enough to eat!). Developed to be safe on all vehicle surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass and plastics. It can also be used on gel coat finishes as well as boats, campervans and jet skis. Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow for is free of all CFCs and solvents and like all Chemical Guys Soaps, it is fully biodegradable.

Vintage Speed Wipe

One of our favourite Quick detailers, Speed Wipe is a gloss enhancing detailing spray which enhances existing wax or sealant layer with a synthetic layer of protection. This is a Chemical Guys first, a quick detailer with true Anti Static properties. Chemical Guys Speed Wipe can be used on paintwork, glass, chrome, plastics and rubber to restore that just waxed look in minutes. It does not strip wax or remove sealants so is an ideal product for maintaining and prolonging waxed finishes. An easy to use, spray on then wipe off, quick detailer.

Regular use will prolong the life of sealants and wax.

  • Use as a waterless car wash, clay bar lubricant or quick detailing spray.
  • Restore that just waxed look in minutes.
  • Prolong the life of synthetic and carnauba based finishes.
Wooly Mammoth

Possibly the most notorious drying towel in detailing, loved by all who use it. This really is the possibly the thickest most absorbent fluffiest towel on the market. A single towel will absorbs over 4 liters of water! At 36" x 24" it's very big, in fact it's huge. The Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth towel is manufactured from the finest microfiber available weighing in at a huge 880 g/m2 which is almost double that of all our other plush drying towels.The Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth Drying towel is silk bound so totally scratch free making this a extremely safe way to dry your car. In summary, this truly the ultimate towel for those that want the biggest and best of everything.


Specifically designed for detailing and valeting, these edgeless extra soft microfibres are safe to use on all surfaces. By having an edgeless microfibre you significantly reduce the risk of drag that some cloths can leave on paintwork with poorly stitched edges.

We found these towels easy to use, gliding nicely across the paintwork with little effort. This edgeless microfiber cloth makes removing polish and pre wax cleansers simple, due to its short dense pile, but also ultra safe due to its borderless design which minimises the chances of swirls and marring. A very reasonable all rounder.

Size: 40cm x 40cm

Chemical Guys Kits are only available to UK customers.