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Welcome to our Master Detailers

Here at Slim’s Detailing we made the decision from day one to make sure that our staff were trained and knowledgeable on the product ranges we stock and sell to our customers. We never stop learning and teaching each other new techniques and applications for the products we use. When we decided to offer training we only ever wanted to offer a recognised qualification from a recognised qualifying body.

Our sister company Morelli Group already trained IMI Accreditations for painters and technicians in the Bodyshop industry so we proposed a new course to the Institute of Motor Industry, (The IMI) the Professional Association for individuals working in the motor industry. This course was the first detailing course offered with an industry recognised standard associated with it and is still the highest standard of qualification available for the professional and enthusiastic detailer. We have had people travel from all over the world to take this course.

Once this course was established and the modules approved, our staff were the first people to attend the course and gain their qualifications and new staff continue to be put through the qualification which is taught by our Master Detailers along with the other courses we have added including our Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) course that is popular with detailers as well.

Our Master Detailers attend customer field calls and work with detailing customers in the field as well as customers operating wash bays to advise on their wash process to achieve the best and most cost effective high gloss finish using the safest chemicals in the most efficient way. They are highly qualified and continue to receive training from our supplier partners and always come away from this training with something new, after all, ‘it is all about the details!’


Meet the Master Detailers

Image: James Harris and Stefan Beale, Slim's Master Detailers.

Two of our Master Detailers that you will see out and about and starring in our YouTube, How-To videos are, James Harris, and Stefan Beale. We thought it was time you got to know a little bit about them, their background in the industry and we also asked them to share their tips for anyone who is thinking about detailing, whether it be as a hobby, or the start of a new career. 


"I started working for my family’s firm Carpaints in 1996/97, which was later bought out by the Morelli Group in 2004 and I’ve been here ever since! Over those eighteen years I have been a Driver, Stock Controller, Merchandiser, Branch Warehouse and Assistant Branch Supervisor along the way.

I am definitely in my favourite role now, I love the detailing side of this game. It’s hard to sell a lacquer or primer, but if you use a fine wax on the Saturday that you enjoy, it’s a lot easier to sell it on a Monday morning once used and tested. Detailing is something I have done all my adult life.

My main piece of advice for anyone just starting out, don’t buy everything in one hit! Add to your collection as and when you need to over time. Listen and look for advice as there is loads out there. Get decent training and this should stand you in good stead!

When I’m not working, my other interests include RC cars/boats and planes!"

- James Harris


"I’ve been working at Morelli for 7 years, although this place has been in my life for around 30 years as it’s where my Dad used to work. I started managing the warehouse in Castle Bromwich, then running Coventry branch, (which my Dad did when I was younger) and now, Slim’s Brand Manager, training with James [Harris] and also Customer Support for Morelli Sales staff.

The best bit about my job, is helping customers and training people. It’s very satisfying watching trainee’s company grow after you have taught them and to see where they are now from when they first started.

My advice for a newbie, don’t let people on the internet scare you from trying something. As James said, loads of advice out there and if you want to do it you CAN! Also, as James stated, use up what you have because very quickly you will be inundated with stock, try something else when you run out of what you already have.

As well as having a connection to Morelli from my Dad working here many years ago, he later went on to marry Ruth [the 4th daughter of Challoner Moring (aka ‘Slim’), who started Morelli 65 years ago. Ruth Moring-Beale still works in the family business and is the National Sales Director for Morelli].

About me, I’m a joker, constantly on the wind up with the staff here, work must be fun or it’ll be very long days, and I love F1. Also, must put my wife and kids in this or they will kill me, love them too!!"

- Stefan Beale


You can see James and Stefan in action in one of our vast selection of videos on YouTube such as, How to Wash your Car with Koch-ChemieHow to Protect Your Vehicle with CARPROHow to Polish with the FLEX XFE 15 150 18.0-EC Cordless Polisher and many more.

Our Master Detailers are on hand to help you with all your detailing needs and questions. With their extensive knowledge of the products we sell, who better to ask? Have a question or would like some advice? Call us on 0333 222 9944 and select option 1 to speak with an expert.