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Koch Chemie ProductSystem

The Koch Chemie ProductSystem groups and sorts chemical products into 10 different categories. The periodic table like design is handily colour coordinated for user ease.

Each product is also assigned an abbreviation which is displayed on their packaging and within the ProductSystem. The product is further broken down within this feature. Above the product abbreviation, you will see the pH value of the chemical product. Some products also have a number next to the abbreviation, this indicates version numbers of the polishes and sealing products. Any text under the abbreviation indicates the degree of abrasiveness of a product and the degree of gloss.

Take a look at the below slides to find out more.

Introduction to Detailing

Car cleaning on a personal level is subjective and one person's clean is not always to another's level of liking. What we aim to do in this article is describe how you should work on your vehicle to achieve great results.

How To Wash your Car with Koch Chemie

As the official UK supplier of Koch Chemie, we could be seen as a little biased when we say how much we love their products. That’s why we’ve put together this video - so you can see how great they work for yourself!

How To Polish your Car with Koch Chemie

This episode will teach you all about the fantastic range of polishing products from Koch Chemie. From a heavy cut compound to the notorious 1K Nano paint sealant and everything in between - including polishing pads!

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Our Happy Customers

"Lovely smell and is the best detailer I've ever used. No residue. Bird poop just wipes away."

Chris  - 17 MAY 2023

"Great way of applying interior cleaner using less product but getting the same results with a microfibre scrubbing pad."

Paul  - 4 MONTHS AGO

"The finish is great. Barely any dusting. Great for a single step polish before ceramic coatings."

Arun  - 2 MONTHS AGO