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Crystal Serum Light is at the very pinnacle in paint protection. Find out how to combine this with EXO for unparalleled protection properties. EXO offers extreme hydrophobic function to the vehicle's surface, protecting your paintwork from even the harshest weather.

Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer protects your vehicle's unpainted plastics using a covalent or chemical bond. Watch this handy video guide to understand the benefits of C4 as well as the best ways to apply it.

Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal will help you to achieve instant, effective protection from UV rays and dirt without the expense of dealer applied systems. A fast and easy to use formula, it is based on the same smart surface technology as its big brother, C1!

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Our Happy Customers

"Easy to use, and smells much better (relatively) than other iron removers. Seems effective on embedded iron particles. Dries quickly so best to use on a cool day to give it time to work."

Anonymous  - A WEEK AGO

"Used this on some interior trim but also on some household fabrics like my daughter's car seat. I rarely write online reviews but this is a really great product. Can be used sparingly and removed stains and smells and after wiping/drying it leaves no residue or evidence of use. Does what it says on the tin really well."


"I've had this cloth for about two years now. Still just as good as the first time I used it. Does not leave streaks. Absorbs the dirt very well. Washed it in the washing machine countless times and it's still perfect."

Mateusz  - 2 MONTHS AGO