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It Just Makes Scents...

Spray air fresheners work to target odours at their source with some containing odour eliminators to not only cover up foul smells but to eliminate them completely. Chemical Guys sell an excellent range of spray air fresheners, you’re guaranteed to find your fave scent!

Keeping It Wheel!

Wheels get attacked by several kinds of contaminants that paintwork hardly ever comes into contact with such as brake dust and tar. Keep your wheels in tip-top condition with a wheel cleaner, specialised wheel brush, and a tyre dressing to maintain that new look!

Crystal Clear

Cleaning glass can be one of the trickiest parts of car cleaning. It is too easy for a cleaner to leave streaks or for a dirty cloth to leave behind a smeary finish. A dedicated glass cleaner will help, and, when paired with a clean glass cloth, you can get crystal clear glass every time!

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Our Happy Customers

"I can't fault this stuff. I use this all the time on my car with Matte finish."

Darren  - 2 MONTHS AGO

"This product is heads above anything else I’ve tried for dark cars. For personal use or on my clients cars. This product isn’t cheap, but hell, it’s worth every penny. I’ve been testing shampoos for months now, I won’t be looking any further."

Dave  - 3 MONTHS AGO

"First time using this for my leather dashboard and trim and it works well. Get a good clean even finish with it. This works a treat and smells good too."

Mike  - 4 MONTHS AGO