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A short guide on how to apply and buff off and with which products to do it with when using the new Auto Finesse wax Essence.

With the help of Auto Finesse Verso, the superb Hog Hair detailing brush & Dressle, this short guide shows you how to get the very best results when cleaning your engine bay.

How To Snow Foam Your Car Using Auto Finesse Avalanche In 57 Seconds

The more dirt you can get off your car without using a wash mitt, the less likely you are to leave any swirl marks on your paintwork! Pre-wash with Auto Finesse Avalanche.

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Our Happy Customers

"I normally just use glass cleaner but I have used this on both my Abarths - what a difference! A much better finish than the normal spray on glass cleaner."

Darren  - A MONTH AGO

"Impressed so far. Used it on a couple of things, On its own with just a rag and also with some steel wool and it does a great job. Clean and polishes well. Adds a nice shine to all metals I've tried."

Jimmy  - 2 MONTHS AGO

"Excellent glass cleaner. Flashes off quickly and leaves a great streak free finish to your windows."

Davie  - 3 MONTHS AGO