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Scholl - Compounds, Polish & Pads

  • from £24.26

    Scholl S20 Black - One Step Compound


    Scholl S20 Black is a true to it's word one step compound, designed to both correct weathered and scratched paint whilst at the same time leaving b...

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    from £24.26
  • from £17.40

    Scholl S3 Gold Rubbing Compound


    S3 Edition Gold is a single stage, high performance cutting compound that can remove more serious defects in seconds – oxidization and grit P1500 s...

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    from £17.40
  • £5.04

    Scholl S-Sponge Pad Orange


    Scholl Concepts Orange Foam Polishing Pad is a medium-hard, dense multi-purpose pad, suitable for most applications including scratch removal, refr...

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  • £6.02

    Scholl Paint Puck (Black/Fine 130x50mm)


    The Scholl Concepts Black Hand Puck is a soft premium foam and ergonomic design which ensures professional manual application of waxes, dressings, ...

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  • £18.00

    Scholl M14 Medium Pad Backing Disc


    Scholl Concepts Blue Pad Backing Disc M14/Medium is a top quality, general purpose backing pad for rotary polishing machines

  • £11.30

    Scholl M-Soft Touch Waffle Pad (145mm)


    Scholl Concepts Black SOFTouch Waffle Foam Pad is an extremely fine and soft polishing pad with an extra interface layer for pressure control and a...

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  • £13.56

    Scholl M Premium Soft Touch Top Wool Pad (135mm)


    This Scholl M Premium Soft Touch Top Wool Pad is designed to give you a maximum cut to make the removal of severe paint imperfections quick and eas...

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  • £14.75

    Scholl Spider Pad Navy Blue (145mm)


    This Scholl Spider Pad features a calibrated spider design to help maximise cut and increase the polishing pad surface area. The Scholl spider pad ...

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  • £26.87

    Scholl S2 Black Extra Heavy Cut


    Scholl S2 Black Extra Heavy Cut is a high-performance abrasive paste with excellent gloss and removal rate. Specially developed for the preparation...

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  • £9.46

    Scholl Orange Sponge Pad (145mm)


    The Scholl Orange Sponge Pad is ideal for applying pastes and products. It can be used with both rotary and random orbital machines. 145mm x 30mm.