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Perfection - Car Cleaning & Detailing Accessories

  • £7.80

    Perfection Antibacterial Fogger Sanitising Bombs


    Perfection Antibacterial Fogger Sanitiser Bombs are a one use total release sanitiser to fog an area, laying a sanitiser down on all surfaces in th...

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  • £8.40

    Perfection 5" Backing Plate


    Perfection 5" Backing Plate for DAS6 polishers including Slim's. Kestrel Deltayo, Sealey & Duren Dual Action Polishers.

  • £17.21

    Perfection 5 Litre Preparatory Cleaner


    Pre-cleaner for using before painting to remove grease, dirt, finger marks etc to ensure a perfect finish. Should be applied with a low lint wiper ...

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  • from £4.50

    Perfection Blue Roll Workshop Wiper


    Blue paper towel perfect to clean up any workshop spillages. Sold singularly or as a pack of 6.

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  • £12.00

    Perfection Steering Wheel Cover


    Steering Wheel Wrap is designed to easily wrap around the steering wheel, gearstick, and handbrake if needed to protect staff and customers from th...

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  • from £18.00

    Perfection KN95 Face Mask (Pack of 5 & 10)


    Four tier structure filtered KN95 face mask with metal nose bridge for improved fit. Mask is fitted with two ears loops for secure placement over f...

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    from £18.00
  • £2.90

    Surgical Masks (Pack of 50)


    These basic disposable surgical masks will help protect against the spreading of germs. With looped ear straps & flexible nose piece adjustable...

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  • £9.60

    Perfection Disinfectant Spray (500ml)


    The Perfection Disinfectant Spray is a sanitisation aerosol ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles including door handles, dashbo...

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  • £9.95

    Perfection Hook and Loop Sanding Disc 6inch Orbital Backing Pad 150mm


    Fits any sanders that require a 6inch pad. Enables the user to apply hook and loop discs saving time and money when flatting down paint or knocking...

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