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Masking tape is designed to be applied on sensitive surfaces such as paintwork and glass without scratching or leaving behind sticky residue. Masking tape can help to section off areas to prevent polish from getting onto surfaces you don’t want it to. Masking tape comes in a variety of sizes and colours for different applications. Typically, masking tape is made from paper which makes it easy to tear. It is felxible and has one sticky layer made with glue that is specially created to be easily removed without any residue, and without affecting sensitive surfaces. 

3M’s Blue Masking tape comes in a range of sizes. Solvent and water resistant, it’s a high-performance tape for your masking situations. Brightly coloured for easy identification and leaving you with an excellent paint line. 

The CARPRO Red Masking Tape is a highly visible protective tape for use when polishing around trims, plastic, and glass. It adheres strongly yet will pull off leaving no residue. It is also highly flexible so will bend around contours and corners easily. It is also suitable for use as a masking tape for paint as it will not bleed paint through and can be baked in a paint oven up to 250F on a normal booth cycle. 

3M Green Masking Tape is designed to conform to uneven and curved surfaces and resist liquid without losing adhesion. Excellent solvent and water resistance. Good conformability with easy hand tear and controlled unwind. Surface smoothness promotes good clean paint line and prevents paint bleed-through. Improved paint flaking and wetting performance. Good instant adhesion and superior holding power. Excellent adhesive transfer and removability performance. 

3M White Masking Tape has excellent surface adhesion which minimises the chances of the tape peeling off during the job. Clean tape 'lift off' leaves no residue behind. The edge of the tape has high tear resistance to minimise the chances of ripping during the job and paint bleed through. From 3M, inventors of the first masking tapes and global leaders in the automotive bodyshop market.