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Tar spots can show up on your vehicle’s paintwork as unsightly black flecks and we all know the struggles of trying to remove sticky adhesive from surfaces. Our huge tar and adhesive removers will be able to shift even the most stubborn of stains! 

Tar is often found around wheels and on the lower part of your vehicle as a result of pieces flinging up from asphalt roads. It doesn’t cause particular damage to your paintwork but it leaves ugly black spots which are famously difficult to get rid of! Our tar removers work to lift the tar spot from the surface, allowing it to be wiped away with a clean microfibre or blasted off with a pressure washer or hose.

So, how do you use a tar remover? You should wash the vehicle first using your usual routine – snow foam followed by shampoo – to remove most of the dirt from the area. Spray the tar spots with the remover and allow it to work for a few minutes, you should see the tar spots ‘running’, this looks like brown streaks trailing down from the black spot of tar. Rinse off the tar remover or use a soft, clean microfibre to wipe away the area. You can repeat until all the black dots are gone.

How can you remove sticky adhesive residue from your car? Good question! When it comes to plates and glasses, it’s easy to follow the recommended advice of soaking the objects in warm, soapy water. However, when it concerns your beloved vehicle, we wouldn’t recommend putting dish soap anywhere near it! That’s why we have a variety of adhesive removers that will go to work to dissolve any sticky residues, making it a breeze to remove.

CARPRO Tar X Tar & Adhesive Remover is a fast reacting formula with a lengthy dwell time suitable for all purpose degreasing, tar and asphalt removal, insect, tire mark, adhesives spot removal, traffic film & removal of all other bonded organic contamination. We found that CARPRO Tar X has slightly more viscosity than other tar removers so it will cling little longer to the surface. It quickly penetrates and loosens tar and adhesive residue so it may be easily flushed off with water.