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Slim's Waxstock Product Review 2019/2020

Slim's Waxstock Product Review 2019/2020

This year at Waxstock was a great opportunity for us to catch up with some of our top suppliers to create a product review. Whilst the stand was being bombarded by our fantastic customers, we managed to find the time to talk to representatives from ValetPRO, Flex, RUPES, Gtechniq, Chemical Guys, Angelwax, and more!

Nathan Ward (Slim’s great-grandson!) went around and interviewed staff from each brand to find out any exciting news and products expected in upcoming months. First of all we caught up with two of the guys from ValetPRO who talked us through some new releases. Next came Morten at Flex with a great blower demonstration and Justyna showing us the new cordless XC! Matt from RUPES chatted to us about their one step compound, Uno Protect. Finally, we also had Matt from Angelwax going through the new additions to the Enigma range.

Unfortunately, we were unable to share the information given to us from Chemical Guys - shh, top secret stuff! However, as always, keep an eye out on our social channels for future updates from our friends around the globe!
Check out the video below to see our product review video and find out what some of your favourite brands had to say about products and news to be announced. The video description contains time codes so you can skip to the interview you're most interested in.

Check out some of the products featured in this product review:

We heard from five different brands about new releases and upcoming new products. Check out some of the mentioned ones below to see what Slim's already has in stock online. Click on each photo to be taken to the product page.

ValetPRO's Talked About Snow Foam

This high performance pH neutral snow foam from ValetPro expertly clings to paintwork, effectively loosening dirt, grime, and dust from your paint's surface. Foamula 1 is truly versatile as a vehicle prewash, giving excellent cleaning power even when diluted to a weaker solution. Can be used through a snow foam lance or pump sprayer. This luxuriously thick foam has a wax safe formulation and also a pleasant apple fragrance.

The Fantastic Flex Cordless Blower

The Flex Cordless Blower 18.0 V is an electronic dryer, ideal to dry those hard to reach areas of your vehicle. The ergonomically shaped soft handle allows for perfect control along with the on/off switch and lock for continuous operation. The compact, handy, lightweight design makes use of the machine easy and comfy. With the removable nozzles and blow tube, this blower was made with space-saving storage in mind. Not just for cars! The adaptor and matching reduction nozzles were designed to inflate things such as lilos and air beds.

Angelwax's New Ceramic Tyre Dressing

Angelwax Enigma Elixir is a ceramic tyre dressing designed using the latest ceramic technology. This highly durable tyre dressing is intended to bond to surfaces, forming a waterproof coat and allowing dirt and water to be repelled from the sidewall of tyres. Maintain the freshly detailed, factory appearance of your tyres. This air cured ceramic formula has outstanding durability that will last for weeks rather than days. Unlike some tyre dressings, Enigma Elixir is a no-sling formula, so your tyres and bodywork does not become dirty.

The One Step Compound from RUPES

RUPES Uno Protect is an all-in-one compound, polish, and protectant that can remove moderate defects and leave a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one-step. Produce rapid results quickly and easily; ideal for express detail services, high-volume detail shops, car dealerships, and auctions. Remove moderate to light imperfections and polish surfaces to a high gloss shine. Uno Protect provides a durable protective layer that last up to 90 days.

With special thanks to Josh Fennel, Mark Langley, Morten Wimshurst, Justyna Brys, Matt Taylor, Rob Earle, Matt Yates.


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