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FLEX Supplier Showcase featuring Morten Wimshurst

FLEX Supplier Showcase featuring Morten Wimshurst

Welcome to our Slim's Supplier Showcase featuring FLEX Power Tools! National Account Manager of FLEX, Morten Wimshurst, kindly joined us (well over a year ago!) to talk us through features and specifications of their powerful machine polishers. Watch the two part video series we have made to learn more about the FLEX corded and cordless polishers...

In 1922 Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt started a company to produce and sell their new invention: the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine, featuring an electrical motor. Over the years, the business continued to develop dedicated systems for sensitive polishing of automotive paint and lacquers, furnitures, and natural stone floors. In 1996 the company renamed itself FLEX and in 2013 Chervon Holdings Ltd. took over the business. In 2015 FLEX developed a new generation of cordless power tools - changing the game for their machine users with their fully-developed machine and battery concept. To this day, FLEX continue to set new quality and performance standards in the detailing industry.

Thank you so much to Morten for joining us and sharing some important information on the FLEX range of polishers. All polishers are available on our website. We hope you enjoy watching the videos below and that you pick up some vital knowledge!



Please note, videos were filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore social distancing was not necessary.

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