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CarPro Polishing Process How-To Video

CarPro Polishing Process How-To Video

If you enjoyed part one of our CarPro How-To series then make sure you follow it up with part two which shows you how to polish and prep your vehicle to perfection!

Follow along as James and Stefan talk you through CarPro compounds and preparation products before our final video which will show you all the best coatings in the CarPro range and how to apply them.

As the official UK supplier of CarPro, you might call us biased in our high opinion of their extensive range. That's why we've decided to release this video - to show you how well the CarPro products work. So, see for yourself, watch the video below

Please note: these videos were filmed at the beginning of the year, before social distancing rules were even a thing.

Here are the links to all the products used in the video:

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