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Trade Offers for May Bank Holiday 2024

Trade Offers for May Bank Holiday 2024

With two bank holidays in one month, and the weather starting to warm up, what better way to celebrate than with some trade-exclusive equipment deals:

 Detail Guardz "Detail Guardz" Hose Guides – Pack of 4

Pick up a pack of 4 hose guides for only £11 –– these Detail Guardz prevent your hose from snagging on your tyres when going around your vehicle, allowing for a smooth wash process. Recommended by our very own Slim's Detailers, who wisely suggest to buy a bright set to prevent driving over them after use!

Slim's Detailing Bucket + Detail Guardz Dirtlock

Pairing our very own Slim's bucket with the Detail Guardz Dirtlock, you will save your paintwork while showing your loyalty to the Slim's branding –– and for only £17.95! The Dirtlock fits perfectly in our bucket, keeping grit and other harsh components far away from your wash mitt and brushes for a scratch free finish. Choose from our white or grey bucket, and be spoilt for choice with five Dirtlock colours.

Slim's Detailing DA Machine Polisher + Koch-Chemie Polishing Starter Kit

Pairing our own branded DA polisher with the professional polishing products from Koch-Chemie means that you receive a high-quality finish time after time with the great value of £180.00, complete with four bottles of polish and four polishing pads. This starter kit means that you can perform a four-stage polish on your vehicle without having to worry about what you need for each step –– everything is already selected, with Koch-Chemie's colour coordination making it easier to pair compounds with their corresponding polishing pads.

Slim's Detailing Handy Seat with 3-Drawer Storage

The newest addition to the Slim's equipment collection is this cushioned storage seat that allows for a smooth sailing detailing experience –– for the price of £59.95, it makes for a useful bit of kit in your garage or bodyshop. The seat has three drawers for storing smaller consumables, as well as two foldable magnetic trays on each side for easy reach of your favourite products or tools, and a storage rack on the back to keep brushes and/or tools in reach yet out of harm's way. All of this storage is complete with a padded cushion and four sturdy castor wheels for as much detailing as you could possibly handle!

To view all trade exclusive offers available, check out our offers page here.

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