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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

That time has come again to write your Christmas lists and buy your car Christmas gifts! With an abundance of brands to choose from, and thousands and thousands of products, we know the choice isn’t always easy. Whether you're looking to drop some hints to family members, or struggling to decide what to buy the avid detailer in your life; look no further than this awesome gift guide!

Slim's Christmas Advent Calendar

10 under 10!

10 products under £10, perfect for stocking fillers.

1. Slim's Detailing Mug - £4.50

Sit back and relax with a brew after a hard day detailing with the Slim's Detailing Mug. Branded with the Slim's logo, with a sturdy handle - you might even have time to get the kettle on while watching the snow foam fall off your motor.

2. Slim's Bucket Sticker Set - £5.00

Take your cleaning routine to the next level. Advance on your two bucket method with our Slim's labels, separate your buckets with the 'Wash', 'Rinse' & 'Wheels' stickers. Available individually or as a pack of three. Never again, will your wash mitt accidentally drop into the wrong bucket - helping you keep your cleaning process meticulous as always.

3. ValetPRO Ultra Soft Chemical Resistant Wheel Brush - £7.20

This brush is long lasting and perfect for agitating stubborn dirt out of wheel spokes and tighter spaces. With man made, chemical resistant, ultra fine and soft bristles.

4. Swissvax Interior Cleaning Brush - £9.00

The Swissvax Interior and Leather Cleaning Brush is a practical and handy utensil for the effortless, efficient, thorough but gentle cleaning of leather, fabric, and plastic surfaces. It is made from recycled PET bristles that are gentle on the surfaces to be cleaned and cannot rot when the damp brush is stored again after use.

5. CARPRO Kneeling Pad - £9.60

The CARPRO Kneeling Pad will help to save your knees when working at low heights for a long period of time. Kneeling on the hard floor can cause unnecessary strain on your knees, not to mention it's bl**dy uncomfortable! This kneeling mat is made from durable comfort foam technology, fully waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Great for use when cleaning wheels.

6. Chemical Guys 4oz Air Fresheners - £5.99

Chemical Guys air fresheners are designed with active odour eliminators to help eliminate the source of foul odours, not just cover them up temporarily. Simply spray the air freshener liberally on your carpets and upholstery for a long lasting and intoxicating smell. Active odor eliminators will subdue unpleasant smells at the source.

7. Slim's Detailing Dual Action Trigger Sprayer - £5.99

This dual action trigger spray not only sprays when the trigger is pressed, but also on release, giving you double the outcome in one go! Time-saving for those with a busy schedule and for all the professional cleaners and detailers looking to make their lives a little easier. Complete with Viton seals, which are resistant to all those lovely cleaning chemicals and solutions.

8. Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile - £9.98

The microfiber towel that started it all for Microfiber Madness in 2010! The heaviest, edgeless, single-layer microfiber towel in the world at the time of creation. The Crazy Pile ultra-soft detailing towel was designed for use with waxes, sealants, detailing sprays and any other finishing product. The perfect edgeless detailing towel with plush, fluffy microfibre to tend to your paintwork without the risk of scratching. No edges plus high quality, ultrasonic precision cutting = no scratches! 

9. Stjarnagloss Silke High Gloss Detailing Spray - £9.00

Stjarnagloss Silke High Gloss Detailing Spray is designed to gently clean and dress hard surfaces, inside and out. Silke is extremely versatile; mildly cleans paint, leaves a satin sheen on dash boards, and enhances the gloss of clean bodywork. Solvent-free and safe to use on PPF films and gloss wraps.

10. Martin Cox Gorilla Glove - £6.96

The Gorilla Glove is an ingenious and useful addition to your wash bucket. It is a two sided glove that will fit right or left hand either way round so is perfect for all users right or left handed. One side is a super soft and fine microfibre noodle surface to lift and remove dirt and grime used as part of the wash process. The other side is a mesh fabric that will be more aggressive in removing bug splatter and tough stains.

Slim's Car Christmas Gift Guide

1Slim's Detailing Polisher Holder - £16.00

Keep your workspace tidy and professional with this Slim's Detailing Polisher Holder to improve efficiency, save time, and reduce any work-related stress. Designed and produced to be the perfect addition to any workspace, an essential tool to optimise organisation. Made to hold your tools firmly and securely, keeping them visible and at hand. Easily and safely organise your workshop with included space to hide away your cables!

2. Scangrip Matchpen - £34.00

The Scangrip Matchpen is a slim, small penlight that is easy to carry and can always be at hand in your front pocket. Small but mighty - the light output is very powerful with excellent colour recognition properties. This penlight is designed for inspection in the workshop and especially useful for detection of scratches, pinholes and swirl marks.

3. Detail Guardz Pad Washer System - £47.94

The Detail Guardz Pad Washer System allows you to clean any polishing pad - wool and microfibre - safely and gently in a few seconds! Simply attach the pad washer attachment to your Detail Guardz Dirt Lock (not included) and attach your pad to the handle via the hook and loop face. Insert the Dirt Lock into the bucket and fill with clean water until the top of the attachment is submerged underwater. Spray pads with the included pad cleaner to break down contaminants such as polishes and waxes, and pump the pads onto the attachment in your bucket.

4. CARPRO Cube Sample Kit - £39.60

Bigger and better! This Cube Sample Kit features 16 50ml bottles of your CARPRO favourites. If you or someone you know are new to detailing or just new to CARPRO, this is a great way to test out all 16 liquid products without committing to the price of the larger bottles. This handy package is perfect to give you that taste of CARPRO at an amazing value. The perfect gift!

5. Slim's Detailing DA Machine Polisher & Starter Kits - £170.00

We've teamed up the high power Slim's Dual Action (DAS-6) lightweight dual action machine polisher, with some best-selling machine polishing kits. The products combined give first timers to machine polishing everything they need to get started. These kits make excellent presents that are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face!

6. Koch Chemie Polish System 250ml - £43.50

Koch Chemie are constantly progressing with the industry to make new, scratch-resistant paint systems with polishes in demand to do more and more. The increased use of random orbital machines such as the Rupes Big Foot for defect correction has influenced this evolution of the polishing system. With improved cut and continued high gloss, this new polishing system is a must have!

7. Slim's Detailing Product Bag Cleaning Kits - £60.00

We've teamed up the Slim's Detailing Cleaning Product Bag with some cleaning kits from top brands such as CarPro, Koch Chemie, Gtechniq, Bilt Hamber, and Auto Finesse. This Slim's embroidered bag is a small kit bag designed to carry your favourite products. The small size of this bag makes it super portable and a perfect fit in the boot of your car for show weekends or simply store in a corner of your home without taking up too much space. 

8. Metro Vac Master Blaster Sidekick - £99.60

The aptly named Master Blaster Sidekick is the most handy power tool and the perfect addition to the avid detailer's collection. Dry your vehicle in minutes with warm, dry filtered air generated by this hand held dryer. Achieve a professional-quality, dry finish to your car or bike super easily. Blast water out of harder to reach areas and remove droplets from wing mirrors, side panels, grills, lights, engines, and more!

9. CARPRO Maintenance Bag - £60.00

The CARPRO Maintenance Bag is perfect to keep in your car with everything you could need to clean on the go except for buckets, a mitt, and drying towel (although there is space in the bag to keep the towel and mitt in!) The kit comes complete with five 100ml bottles of CARPRO’s favourite products, two empty trigger bottles with spray heads, and two 2 Face “No Lint” microfibre cloths. Not forgetting a spacious vinyl coated padded bag with handle and embroidered with CARPRO logo, the inside includes dividers allowing the bag to be sectioned off as you require and provides ample space for you to add products you like to take on the go. An ideal gift for your favourite detailer!

10. Slim’s Detailing Bag - £24.98

Well well well, what do we have here… keep your detailing gear handy with our brand new kit bag! The inside is big enough to store your polisher with 8 interior pockets; 6 suitable for standard 16oz bottles and 2 larger pockets perfect for pads up to 6 inches or microfibre cloths. There’s also 10 exterior pockets of varying sizes, plus a detachable shoulder strap, and hook and eye straps to keep your polisher in place. 

11. Gtechniq Glass Cleaning & Sealant Kit - £40.00

The ultimate glass cleaning kit, Gtechniq is made for the pros to achieve that show car shine, with long lasting durability. G1 lasts for up to two years making wet weather driving both safer and less tiring. Also keeps windshields cleaner for longer and makes bugs and ice easy to clean off. It's a must over these winter months. Used along side the MF4 microfibre, it's a match made in heaven!

12. Slim’s Detailing Fully Adjustable Multi Shaped Car Creeper - £45.00

Slim's branded car creeper ideal for detailing, mechanics, fitters and smart repairers. Lays flat on sturdy castors. Black padded cushion on metal framework. Becomes a seat with full backrest. Changes into a Z shaped stool for comfortable working height. Robust construction design.

13. Swissvax Leather Forte Care Kit - £95.00

The Swissvax Leather Forte Care Kit includes everything you need to thoroughly clean, refresh, and protect nappa leather interiors quickly and easily. Effortlessly but thoroughly clean and protect leathers, maintaining the natural moisture and preventing damage from UV radiation. Comes in a handy carrier bag.

14. Sealey Mechanics Utility Seat & Tool Box - £94.80

The Sealey Mechanics Utility Seat & Tool Box is the answer to all your storage and mobility needs! This toolbox features multiple storage solutions such as three pull out drawers, two folding side trays, and a shelf perfect for holding bottles and brushes. The tool box has a vinyl padded comfy seat and four Ø60mm oil resistant swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. 

15. Slim’s Gift Voucher - £10-200

Treat the detailer or car enthusiast in your life to the perfect present for Christmas. A gift voucher with Slim's gives them the keys to our vast car care superstore - eligible to use on any product we sell online. Give your loved one a huge choice and be sure to keep them and their car happy! Select the amount you wish to gift for your voucher. If you have any additional instructions, you wish to leave us - use the comments box at the checkout stage.

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