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Slim’s Christmas Stocking Fillers

Slim’s Christmas Stocking Fillers

If you’re looking for those small little pressies to fit inside a stocking, then you’ve come to the right place! Stocking fillers are traditionally small in size and value but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Here at Slim’s, we’re big believers that some of the best things come in small packages. We also believe that opening a stocking on Christmas Day is one of the best parts of the holidays so put a smile on someone’s face with these mini gift ideas.

Chemical Guys Minis (assorted)


A lot of our Chemical Guys products come in 4oz (US) sizes which are perfect to slip inside stockings. Some of our favourites include the brand new Streak Free Window Clean and Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax, Butter Wet Wax, and, of course, the Mini Leather Maintenance Kit. These are perfect for show-goers and those who constantly detail on the go. Make it possible for your loved one to take their favourite product everywhere with them. Check out our full range of Chemical Guys minis by exploring the Chemical Guys brand page on our website.     New Carpro Ancillaries Our brand new Carpro products are ideal for stocking fillers! Including the Glass Cloth, Detailing Glove, Tyre Sponge, and Sanding Blocks. Small but practical, these ancillaries will go down well with the detailer in your life.

Valet Pro Brush Kit

This is the ultimate brush kit to add to any detailing collection – one can never have too many detailing brushes! The kit includes three different brushes including the Chemical Resistant Wheel Brush, Dash Brush, and Large Sash Brush. Made with soft bristles to ensure that cleaning will not leave behind any unnecessary damage to vehicles. Ideal for dusting and cleaning difficult-to-get-to areas. Agitate areas of the vehicle with these brushes for a thorough clean and detail.

Mini Air Fresheners

Everyone loves a nice smelling car. Whatever the smell, we’re bound to have the fragrance perfect for anyone! From brands including Auto Finesse, California Scents, and Chemical Guys check out our array of air fresheners to keep vehicles smelling fresh all year round. We’ve got hanging air fresheners, spray air fresheners, and those special diffusing pots. You might have to pop in to sample some of our fragrances. If only there was a way to send smells over the internet…

Slims Mug/Coaster

We recently TEAmed up our Slim's mug with a Slim's coaster to protect surfaces from ring marks made from hot drinks. The plastic coasters have a soft foam 'bottom' to prevent slipping and are the perfect addition to any work bench, office desk, or coffee table. Easy to wipe clean after use. If your loved one likes to sit back and relax with a brew after a hard day detailing, you can make sure they won’t leave a mess behind. Perfect for hot cocoa season!

Slim’s Gift Voucher

Perhaps the easiest way to say ‘I know what you like but not what you want’. A gift voucher with Slim's gives the lucky receiver the keys to our vast car care superstore. Vouchers are eligible to use on any product we sell online giving a huge choice sure to keep detailers and their cars happy! The gift voucher, with a personalised discount code, comes as a Slim's Credit Card in a branded brown envelope sealed with a Slim's sticker (and lots of love).

Flex Book

FLEX have handily put together this How To Guide on the 'must-knows' of polishing. With over 80 years of experience, we think we can trust them to know a thing or two! This book is a great source of information for people wanting to polish up on their skills. Containing 31 pages of easy-to-read content, this book covers everything to know about the polishing process and the correct tools and materials to use. This book is an ideal gift for the detailer in your life.        

We just can’t get enough!! Here’s some more stocking filler ideas.

Slim’s Mixing Stickers For those who get as confused as we do with all the different mixing ratios for some of our concentrated products, we have drafted a table showing the most popular mixing ratios and put this into sticker form. Ratios have been suggested by some of our manufacturers to get the best out of their products. Our sheet of three water resistant mixing ratio stickers are roughly 1x A5 and 2x A6. Help your detailer to perfect the art of dilution. Wheel Woolie Pen Our customer favourite Wheel Woolies are simply awesome wheel brushes, now it's time to take that obsession to the next stage with the Wheel Woolies pens! The ultimate desktop accessory - this pen is sure to make users the envy of colleagues and friends. Bucket Stickers Advance on the two bucket method with our Slim's labels, separate buckets with the 'Wash', 'Rinse' & 'Wheels' stickers. Available individually or as a pack of three. Never again, will wash mitts accidentally be dropped into the wrong bucket - helping keep the cleaning process meticulous as always. For the very particular and organised detailer – or the one who needs to be! Auto Finesse Micro Tweed Buffing Towel These uniquely woven microfibre towels don't just look special, they are! The weave helps prevent "clogging" and gives more bite whilst removing polishes from paintwork. Extensive testing found that these cloths are 50% less likely to inflict micro marring than standard microfibres. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just know it’s good and the detailer in your life will appreciate your caring thought!
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