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Dad Knows Best – What To Buy A Detailing Dad

Dad Knows Best – What To Buy A Detailing Dad

Looking for the perfect gift for the detailing dad in your life? We've got you covered, with our top ten picks that would make any detailer dad gleam brighter than his freshly detailed car. 

1. Bucket Starter Kit – £27

Great value for the beginner Dad with little knowledge. Get him to throw away his builder’s bucket, jumbo sponge and crusty chamois leather. This starter kit is a great way of letting dad know you're thinking of him, and that it's time to step up his game! Boasting a wash mitt, drying towel, wheel brush, bucket barrier and more, he'll wonder why he hadn’t listened to you before.

2. Slim's Cologne Hanging Air Freshener – from £1

If the detailing dad in your life is a big fan of nice scents, we recommend our Cologne Hanging Air Freshener for a cabin pick-me-up. Choose from five classy scents to make his vehicle smell as good as he feels after a full detail – or if you're not sure, there's always the multipack for him to find his favourite!

3. Auto Finesse Rag Top Cleaner & Protector Pack – £22.98

Cool dads have convertibles, and even cooler dads take thorough care of them! If the roof is a "soft top" (or to keep it simple, fabric), this duo is designed to clean and protect it from dirt and grime – the cleaner removes dirt and moss from the surface, and the protector keeps it clean longer and makes the next clean even easier.

4. Koch-Chemie Exterior Brush Set – £27.58

Speaking of convertibles, this brush set is what you could describe as the convertible of the brush world – you get the choice of an angled brush and a straight brush in one. Each brush has its own use and colour code, designed to keep things organised even when dad's in a detailing daze!

5. Slim's Detailing Dual Action DAS6 Machine Polisher (600w) – £100.80

Whether dad is looking to replace an old polisher, or if he's looking to start polishing, the DAS6 machine polisher is the one to go for. Pairing high-level performance with affordable prices, this starter machine is useful for getting to grips with the average Dual Action polisher – without a hefty price tag on it!

6. CARPRO Perl Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat – from £11.36

The rite of passage of being a dad is learning something has more than one use and trying it on anything they can get their hands on... sounding familiar? Well, dads in luck with this – PERL can be used inside and outside the car to protect his leather seats or the plastic trim and keep them looking fresh!

7. Detailing Outlaws Buffaway Polishing Rack – now £35

If you know a detailing dad that is constantly looking for places to put their polisher out of reach from small hands (and paws), this polishing rack is the one to go for – available in three colours, and currently at a 30% reduction, it's a sure way to get that polisher out of a dusty drawer and on the garage wall for good.

8. Malco Imperial Paste Wax – £23.10

Give dad's car an extra shine and protection in one tin, with this Carnauba wax! Imperial Paste is made up of ingredients that fill imperfections and don't leave marks after applying, making this a great choice for both light- and dark-coloured cars... one to borrow when he's not looking?

9. MetroVac Master Blaster Sidekick – £120

Save a detailing dad some time with the Sidekick, a portable car and bike dryer – less time drying the car, and more time with the family! He'll be impressed with the drying power of this handheld dryer, with the ability to blast water droplets from areas where a drying towel simply won't reach.

10. Slim's Gift Voucher – from £10

If you're still uhm-ing and ah-ing after reading through our guide, wondering "will he even use that?", that's where this may be our best offering of all – a gift card! Whether you put £10 or £200 on the card, dad will appreciate the freedom to pick his next favourite product when shopping with us.

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