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Stocking Fillers | 10 Under £10

Stocking Fillers | 10 Under £10

It’s that time of year again: finally, Christmas! Looking for the perfect gift for that detailer in your life? Look no further – Slim’s have curated a list of 10 products all under £10, perfect for stocking filling on a budget!

Slim's Detailing's 10 Under £10:

A true Slim’s classic – this cute hanging Christmas air freshener will leave a hint of vanilla throughout your vehicle, making this an ideal gift for those who enjoy the look and feel of Christmas more so than the smell. With a sweet design of a vintage Slim’s truck, your cabin will exude the Christmas spirit we all need.


 2. CARPRO 50ml EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer - £2.40

Small but mighty, CARPRO’s EliXir is one of the easiest QDs on the market to apply to your car – shake, spray and buff off! With a formula that requires no dilution and can be used on coated and uncoated surfaces, who could say no to such a useful gift? 


3. Slim’s Sheet of 3 Mixing Ratio Stickers - £3.50

Our very own mixing ratio stickers are very useful for every type of car detailer, whether they have been in the industry for years or if they are just starting out. Can be applied to bottles or surfaces for easy access, and is beneficial when working with dilutable products.


4. Slim’s Detailing Dual Action Trigger Spray (1lt) - £6.60

Speaking of bottles to apply those helpful stickers to, our own-brand trigger spray is ideal for the application of diluted products! Complete with measurements on its side and Viton seals to protect against all those chemicals, it’s hard to say no to a great product – and at such a great price too! 


Yes, another air freshener! CARPRO’s air freshener is hypoallergenic and can be attached to your air vents, meaning not only can it be used all year round but is also a good option for those who aren’t in favour of hanging air fresheners in their car.


Do you find yourself or the person you’re buying for goes through many polishing pads? All detailers’ foam pads require some maintenance between use, and our conditioning brush offers the exact treatment for it. Allowing for the removal of polishing compound, it means your pads are like new and eliminates the chance of hardening or warping. 


7. Slim’s Detailing Bucket Seat Cushion - £7.50

Here at Slim’s Detailing, we are very aware of just how strenuous the process of detailing can be at times, which is why we have provided a seat cushion for use on your bucket. If all you need is a quick break with no chairs in sight, your best bet is the bucket right next to you – what's the harm in making it a comfy place to perch? Not to mention it is also on sale, so you’ll be getting a proper bargain!


8. Slim’s Speedy Prep Sponge (Medium Grade) - £9.60

This clay-sponge duo is the perfect gift for the detailing perfectionist you are shopping for, and happens to be the perfect introductory product for those wanting to include claying to their detailing process. It is the safest and easiest way to clay your vehicle, and always remember to accompany this process with clay lube – to keep it simple, we recommend Koch Chemie’s ready-to-use CLS. Though it is just over a tenner, we can tell you it is worth it!


9. Gtechniq MF4 Diamond Sandwich Microfibre Drying Towel - £10

This microfibre drying towel is one of the best great-value drying towels we offer at Slim’s Detailing for many reasons, including the fact it can be wrung out easily and is slightly smaller than typical drying towels to avoid sweeping up contaminants when working on the lower half of the vehicle. Small but mighty, it makes a great addition to anyone’s drying process and eliminates the presence of streaks. 


As a dual-sided mitt, it really gets the job done! This hand mitt takes contaminant removal very seriously, and as a result the waffle side is used to wipe away any flecks of dirt or even fingerprints before flipping over to use the glass fibre side for a once over and leave the glass looking flawless (and streak-free). In addition to its efficiency, it also works amazingly in hard-to-reach areas on the windows – definitely a win in our eyes! 



Here at Slim’s Detailing, we believe it’s all about the details - it is our tagline, after all! Not only that, but we believe even the best things come in small packages, especially around this time of year. We hope this list has helped you to choose a gift small in value (maybe not so in size), but huge in meaning.

Merry Christmas from the Slim’s team! X

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