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Rupes Webinar

Rupes Webinar

On Tuesday 28th May at 14:00 there will be RUPES C.O.R.E. (Continuous Online Rupes Education) External Webinar on Bigfoot DA Wool Pads.

RUPES are giving you a fantastic insight into the features and benefits of their new DA Wool Pads. Now made using new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to achieve a huge change in Wool Pad performance.

Wool was among the very first, if not the first, material used for machine polishers. With a lack of innovation the material has been relegated to heavy cutting activities on rotary tools and largely forgotten as large stroke random orbital tools have become commonplace in many industries. In the last few years, wool pads have seen a resurgence thanks to new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques that take this “old school” material and reimagine it for use on today’s modern polishing tools. The BigFoot DA Wool Pads have set a new standard for performance in the wool pad category producing incredible cutting on orbital tools without sacrificing finish quality.


  • Jason Rose - Global Director of Training, RUPES
  • Fabrizio Gagliardi - Training Manager, RUPES
TIMES C.O.R.E. Series Webinars are presented to a global audience so when you choose a time you are joining fellow technicians from around the world. Because of the various time zones we have created the reference below for our audience to understand when this presentation will air in their part of the world:
  • Tuesday 28/05 - 3pm (Milan)
  • Tuesday 28/05 - 2pm (London)
  • Tuesday 28/05 -9pm (Beijing)
  • Tuesday 28/05 – 11pm (Sydney)
  • Tuesday 05/28 - 6am (Los Angeles)
  • Tuesday 05/28 - 9am (New York)
ON-DEMAND Can’t make the live session? Don’t worry, there is the option to view the recorded session on-demand. You will still need to register for the webinar and RUPES will send you a link after the conclusion so you can view the entire presentation when it is convenient for you! This webinar is open to everyone so please click on the link and register!
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