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Valetpro Wheel Cleaning Kit

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The question is - Can you stomach the Dragon's Breath? The fallout remover works wonders if you can conquer the smell! A must have set. No need to hit 88 miles per hour, Black to the Future will work its magic right in front of your very eyes.


ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is a fresh scented and easy to use effective wheel cleaner with no nasty acids. Simply spray on and jet wash off. No scrubbing, no agitation – just clean, hassle-free, sparkling wheels.

Designed for enthusiasts who want to take the elbow grease out of wheel care, Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is three times more concentrated than most competitor products; so it can be used neat if your alloys are in dire straits and caked with months of hardened brake dust, or diluted up to 1:10 for general maintenance. This without doubt, makes it excellent value for money.

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is PH balanced, making it acid-free, so it smells great and won’t dissolve either painted or sealed wheel finishes, or your hands or nostrils!

With lashings of winter grime and spadefuls of troublesome salt approaching UK roads, hobbyists and enthusiasts can appreciate the trade secret that’s been keeping alloy rims effortlessly gleaming for over half a decade.

Dragon's Breath

ValetPro Dragon's Breath is a iron fallout and contamination remover designed to remove stubborn brake dust and environmental fallout from wheels and paint. Valet Pro Dragon's Breath works unlike other iron contamination removers as its a think gel once sprayed and so doesn't run off from where you want it working. You can watch it at work as it causes a chemical reaction that makes this clear liquid change colour to a brilliant red, proving it's working on even seemingly clean surfaces/

Dragon’s Breath causes a chemical reaction that forces the iron particles contained in brake dust and road grime to change state from solid to water. As the gel begins to work particles in the iron turn a dark red/purple and can then be wiped away, rinsed or jetted washed off. It’s so effective you’ll see results even on seemingly clean surfaces. Unlike claying or polishing Dragon’s Breath stops the spread of iron particles beneath the surface, rather than simply removing the iron particles.

Dragon’s Breath is a Ph neutral formula, that comes in a clear gel form, meaning you can use just the right amount accurately and being pH neutral means its safe to use on all wheel surfaces.

Dragon’s breath is available in a 500ml trigger bottle as well as 1 and 5 litre trade sizes. Warning: Smells like the breath of an ancient dragon!!

Black To The Future

Valet Pro Black to the Future turns back time on old and faded plastics, offering a deep, black, lustrous "as new" finish to trim and tyres. It also prevents new plastics from fading. This product is nice and easy to apply thanks to its gel formulation, which simply buffs off effortlessly. No need to hit 88 miles per hour (the challenge is how many Back to the Future puns we can get in one description!), this trim restorer will work its magic right in front of your very eyes. You're trim will be McFly'in (sorry) again in now time.


Wheel Cleaning Made Easy! MOG111 - Designed to agitate wheels without scratching, the bristles are made from high quality chemical resistant soft plastic and it has a sturdy turned handle. Handle length 6cm Shaft Length 4cm Brush length 5cm


High quality wax applicator pads, foam pads similar to the Meguiars pads.