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Soft 99 Wash Mist+ (300ml)

by Soft 99
SKU S99-02188
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Soft 99's Wash Mist Plus is a revolutionary agent designed for cleaning and hygiene-oriented maintenance in your car's interior, home & more. It works to remove dirt, dust and greasy spots, while neutralising odours and microorganisms at the same time.
Thanks to its reinforced formula, Wash Mist Plus creates an active film on the cleaned surface - blocking development of harmful bacteria for around 7 days, reducing dust accumulation.
Wash Mist Plus has been designed to work on plastics, faux-leather, LCD screens, glass, fabrics and other surfaces.
  1. Shake the bottle slightly.
  2. For textiles and glass, apply the product directly to the surface and wipe with a dry microfibre cloth.
  3. For plastics and LCD screens, apply the product to the microfibre cloth and clean the surface with it.
  4. To maximise the antibacterial action and neutralise odours on fabrics, apply more product until the surface gets damp. Then, wipe with a dry microfiber and leave to dry.