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Rupes LL150 Bigfoot Swirl Finder Pen Light

by Rupes
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The Rupes LL150 BigFoot Swirl Finder Pen Light is a compact, yet powerful torch pen, designed to make defect and swirl spotting easier than ever before. The LED in the Rupes LL150 light is extremely bright, with an output of 140 lumens of white light with a strong spread of anywhere between 10 - 70 degrees with adjustment. Best used indoors, it's also very effective in outdoor environments for spotting swirl and scratch marks.

Containing ultra high power LEDS with advanced diodes based on the latest technology with an exceptionally long lifetime and characterised by natural light such as daylight, strong light intensity, and excellent light diffusion.

The BigFoot Swirl Finder Pen Light comes supplied with two AAA batteries in a presentation box and a one year warranty. Two hours of continues use is achievable with one set of batteries, a highly economical tool for the pro detailer to use.