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COVID 19 Update - 14.10.20 We cannot guarantee next day delivery - Allow 3 working days from purchase
COVID 19 Update - 14.10.20 We cannot guarantee next day delivery - Allow 3 working days from purchase

Koch-Chemie Machine Polishing Kit

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Our Koch Chemie machine polishing kit, gives you everything you need to start correcting your cars paintwork, from heavy cut compounds right through to micro-polish this kit covers all stages of the process.

Heavy Cut H802 (1 Litre)

Innovative machine polish for fast reworking of heavily weathered paintwork, elimination of deep scratches, and effective removal of paint mists and sanding traces of up to 1,500 grain. With its extremely homogeneous abrasive grain, Heavy Cut 8.02 achieves an extremely high level of cut with an excellent gloss level. Can be polished for prolonged periods without sticking and with low dust formation. Ideally suited to all types of paint (both soft and scratch-proof).

Feinschleifpaste Silicone Free Compound F501 (1 Litre)

Fine polishing compound, silicone-oil-free. Superb latest generation machine polish with unique aluminium oxide quality. The intelligent grain size ensures very quick, complete removal of wash system scratches and similar traces of use and gives the paintwork a long-lasting deep sheen. Sanding marks left behind by are removed effortlessly. Feinschleifpaste is therefore ideally suited for perfect reconditioning of medium to heavily weathered paintwork. Perfectly coordinated for the treatment of scratch-proof paint. With Daimler approval.

Hochglanz Antihologramm Politur M201 (1 Litre)

Hochglanz Antihologramm Politur is the latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size on all paint systems (including scratch-resistant). Through the use of highly specialised, extremely homogenous abrasive bodies, a brilliant permanent high gloss finish is created under extreme light conditions even on dark and similarly sensitive shades. Holograms and fine scratches are eliminated mechanically and not, which is often the case, covered over. Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur is light cutting, extremely economical, easy to polish and removable without leaving traces. With Daimler approval.


Soft polishing pad for use with sealing products such as the Lack-Polish range ideally with an orbital polisher. Also suitable for removing minor weathering effects and fine scratches with polishing compounds such as and Schleifpaste. The reticulated (open-celled) material guarantees a long service life and low heat generation.

135mm Yellow Medium Polishing Pad

The classic, medium-hard polishing pad for removing medium-heavy weathering and scratches with polishing compounds such as Schleifpaste and Feinschleifpaste. The reticulated (open-celled) material guarantees a long service life and low heat development.

135mm Orange Curved Antihologram Pad

High-grade special pad for the permanent removal of fine scratches, holograms and traces of polish. With Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur and ideally an orbital sander, a perfect, permanent high gloss finish is created even on dark paintwork. The reticulated (open-celled) material guarantees low heat development.

Kestrel Dual Action Electric Polisher

Dual Action machine polishers are low risk and produce far superior results when compared to hand application. The powerful 500 watt motor makes it ideal for removing swirls and minor scratches as well as applying glazes, sealants and waxes. This improved version includes a heavy duty 3.1 metre cable and a D-Handle for easy directional movement.

Supplied complete with: Machine polisher with UK or EU 240v plug 1 x 6 inch / 150mm backing plate supplied D-Handle & removable side handle (left / right handed) Spare motor brushes x 2 Wrench & instruction manual.

Features & Benefits: For use with pad size 6.5" up to 8" / 160mm up to 200mm.

Orbit size: 8mm 6-Speed variable - 2500 - 6500 rpm 3.1m heavy duty cable.

Aluminium gear housing cover CNC-finished gears.

1 Year UK Manufacturers Warranty.

Weight: 2.23 kg (approx).