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Gtechniq Paint Protection Sealant Kit

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Our friends over at Gtechniq are true masters in their craft, so we thought - Why don't we put an ultimate sealant kit together so everyone can achieve that professional finish Gtechniq do so well. We all know things get a bit more complicated when it gets down to the sealant stages, so we've put together everything you will need here at your finger tips. Including the award winning C1. Comes complete with a branded bag!

Panel Wipe

Gtechniq Panel Wipe is designed to remove all polish residues so that ultra durable chemically bonding coatings such as C1 Crystal Lacquer and EXO can form the maximum amount of bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork. Gtechniq PW is a blend of pure alcohols and aromatic solvents formulated specifically to give adequate working time to remove and dissolve polish residues and then flash off to leave a 100% decontaminated surface. Removes all polish residues Promotes bonding for C1 and EXO Contains no fragrances or colours.


C1 has been independently proven in the world's most respected weathering facility: Where it proved to offer the best gloss retention of any other product tested. Over a simulated run of 3 years Arizona sunlight a C1 coated panel lost half the amount of gloss than its next best competitor and 1/3rd less gloss than the average score for all other products tested. But gloss retention is only part of the story. C1 offers the following additional benefits: Extreme Durability: Unlike regular polymer sealants, C1 actually becomes the functional surface of your car's paintwork. It does this by swapping part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your car's paintwork. This is a true chemical or covalent bond and as you can imagine this is a much strong bond than a physical bond which is how regular polymers and waxes adhere to your car's paintwork. In tests C1 outlasted dealer applied sealants by at least 10 times. Scratch Resistance: C1 forms a sub micron cyrstalline film which is extremely hard. This characteristic makes c1 extremely effective at preventing minor scratching from poor wash technique on relatively soft automotive paint. We have run tests comparing c1 coated panels with uncoated and against panels coated with various high end carnauba waxes and polymer sealants. On average c1 coated panels exhibited 50% less marring.


EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating Sealant is the latest version of Gtechinq's hugely popular EXO formulation. The coating offers extreme hydrophobic function to the vehicles surface, protecting your paintwork from even the harshest weather, lasting for over 18 months. Offering both supreme water and dirt repellency, the sealant creates a barrier resistant to washing chemicals and heavy road grime. Further cleaning or detailing of your vehicle becomes a simple task, making marks including water spots easy to remove. EXOv4 is also significantly easier to apply than EXOv2 and EXOv3 but still creates the same great gloss, slickness and beading as its predecessor.

Kit Bag

Eye-catching in Gtechniq red, this bag features the Gtechniq Smart Surface Science logo embroidered in white. It has a zip around closure 4cm from the top and a carry handle double stitched to the lid for extra security.

The padded, waterproof inner lining will ensure your products remain protected whether the bag is in the boot of your car, or on a shelf in the garage. Ideal for carrying the various sealants and cleaners from the ever growing and popular Gtechniq arsenal of products.


Specifically designed for detailing and valeting, these edgeless extra soft microfibres are safe to use on all surfaces. By having an edgeless microfibre you significantly reduce the risk of drag that some cloths can leave on paintwork with poorly stitched edges.

We found these towels easy to use, gliding nicely across the paintwork with little effort. This edgeless microfiber cloth makes removing polish and pre wax cleansers simple, due to its short dense pile, but also ultra safe due to its borderless design which minimises the chances of swirls and marring. A very reasonable all rounder.

Size: 40cm x 40cm